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LSE Global Health Initiative



The Global Health Initiative provides support for interdisciplinary engagement and showcases LSE’s ability to apply rigorous social science research to emerging global health challenges


The Global Health Initiative (GHI) is a cross-departmental research platform set up to increase the coherence and visibility of Global Health research activity across the School, both internally and externally. It provides support for interdisciplinary engagement and showcases LSE’s ability to apply rigorous social science research to emerging global health challenges.

Global health captures a field of work concerned with understanding, and very often improving, health concerns around the world. As such, global health questions will typically not fall under a single disciplinary heading. Rather the best ways to understand global health issues, or to improve global health outcomes, will often require strategic engagement with concepts and methods from a variety of sources.

Originally announced by the School back in 2014, the initiative has been fostered by the Departments of Health Policy, International Development, and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, but is open to all disciplines. The GHI grew out of a recognition that global health related work was being undertaken across the LSE, but often spread across different departments according to discipline or subject specific focus. As such there was a need for a body that could help coordinate this work – facilitating collaboration amongst LSE academic, as well as raising awareness of the global health related work we undertake for broader audiences.

The platform hosts a range of activities both internally at the LSE and open to the public. These include public global health seminars, an internal LSE Global Health Peer Review Group and a range of events for LSE postgraduate students working on global health related topics. 

Who we are

Global Health Initiative Steering Committee members come from a range of disciplines – including representatives from the initiative’s three founding departments, Health Policy, International Development, and Psychological & Behavioural Sciences. The committee guides the activities undertaken and sets the initiative’s annual work plan. 

Current members include:

Justin Parkhurst
Global Health Initiative Chair 

Beth Kreling
Global Health Initiative Deputy Chair

Charnele Nunes
Global Health Initiative Assistant 


Matteo M Galizzi 
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science 

George Gaskell
Department of Methodology

Mazeda Hossain
Centre for Women, Peace and Security

Mathias Koenig-Archibugi
Department of Government and Department of International Relations

Tiziana Leone
Department of International Development

Philipa Mladovsky 
Department of International Development

Hakan Seckinelgin
Department of Social Policy

Lourdes Sosa
Department of Management

Mylene Lagarde
Department of Health Policy

Chiara Chiavaroli 
PhD Representative, Department of International Development

Ana De Menezes-Silva
PhD Representative, Department of Geography and Environment 

What we do

The initiative’s activities are guided by a Steering Committee comprising LSE staff from a range of representative Departments working in Global Health including the Departments of International Development, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, Social Policy, Management, and Philosophy and supported by a Secretariat based within LSE Health. Our activities include: 


Film viewings

Networking events

Peer review sessions

Sharing research from across the School

Interdisciplinary blogging