Dr Tine  Hanrieder

Dr Tine Hanrieder

Assistant Professor

Department of International Development

English, French, German, Spanish
Key Expertise
global health, international organizations, health workforce, professions

About me

Tine Hanrieder is an Assistant Professor in Health and International Development at the London School of Economics. Trained as a political scientist, she is interested in global health institutions and their underlying power relationships and cultural valuations. Her two main research themes at the moment are first, the role and reform of the World Health Organization, and second, the contested professionalization of frontline health workers, especially those who work with marginalized communities. She is the author of a monograph on the history of the WHO (International Organization in Time, Oxford University Press, 2015) and of articles spanning the areas of global health politics, social theory, and institutional change. Tine has received a Freigeist (Free Spirit) Fellowship for interdisciplinary research by the Volkswagen Foundation, and the Politics Best Paper Prize awarded by the Political Studies Association. Before joining LSE, she was a research group leader at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Selected publications

Expertise Details

global health governance; institutional development; sociology of professions and health workforce; critical theory; historical institutionalism