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Dr Tine Hanrieder

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Department of International Development

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Key Expertise
global health, international organizations, health workforce, professions

About me

Tine Hanrieder is a specialist on global health politics and institutions. She is the author of a monograph on the history of the WHO International Organization in Time and of articles spanning the areas of global health governance, global medical education, international relations theory, health security, and humanitarianism. She currently conducts research on the emergence of the community health worker role in the USA, and on the governance of international nurse recruitment to Germany. Tine has received a Freigeist (Free Spirit) Fellowship for interdisciplinary research by the Volkswagen Foundation to rethink South-North learning in global health. Before joining LSE in 2020, she held academic appointments at LMU Munich and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and received her PhD from the University of Bremen. Tine also was a visiting scholar at the University of Sydney, the Centre de recherche médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société/Cermes3, Northwestern University, and UC Berkeley.

You can see a full list of Dr Tine Hanrieder’s publications here.

Selected publications

  • Eckl, Julian and Hanrieder, Tine 2023: The political economy of consulting firms in reform processes: the case of the World Health Organization. Review of the International Political Economy 30(6), 2309-2332
  • Hanrieder, Tine & Claire Galesne 2021: Domestic Humanitarianism: the Mission France of Médecins Sans Frontières and Médecins du Monde. Third World Quarterly 42(8), 1715-1732
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2019: How Do Professions Globalize? Lessons from the Global South in US Medical Education, International Political Sociology 13:3, 296-314.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2016: Orders of Worth and the Moral Conceptions of Health in Global Politics, in: International Theory 8: 3, 390-421.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2016: The public valuation of religion in global health governance: spiritual health and the faith factor, International Theory 8:3, pages 390-421.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2015: International Organization in Time: Fragmentation and Reform. Oxford University Press.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2015: The Path Dependent Design of International Organizations: Federalism in the World Health Organization, in: European Journal of International Relations 21:1, 215-239.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2014: Gradual Change in International Organizations: Agency Theory and Historical Institutionalism, in: Politics 34:4, 324-333.
  • Hanrieder, Tine and Kreuder-Sonnen, Christian: WHO decides on the exception? Securitization and emergency governance in global health. Security Dialogue 45:4, pages 331-348.
  • Hanrieder, Tine 2011: The False Promise of the Better Argument (© Cambridge University Press), in: International Theory 3:3, 390-415.

Expertise Details

global health governance; institutional development; sociology of professions and health workforce; critical theory; historical institutionalism