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BA Geography is a specialist degree for students who wish to focus on human geography, either on its own or with some exposure to other social sciences taught at LSE.

A specialist degree for students who wish to focus on Human Geography

This degree produces highly trained geographers, skilled in economic, social and environmental geography with reference to developed and less developed countries. Depending on your choice of options, you're able to focus on one or more of these areas of geography.

The first year provides a foundation in geography and environment and in research techniques and methods. The opportunity to specialise grows as you reach the second year, when you'll be able to participate in an international field trip.

In your final year, you research a topic of your choice which provides an opportunity to pursue specific interests in greater depth and to display your ability to undertake research.

BA Geography at LSE BA Geography at LSE
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Why study with us?

Top-ranked department

We're ranked 2nd in the world in the latest QS World University subject rankings and 3rd in the Complete University Guide subject tables. A range of measures contribute to the rankings, including student satisfaction, academic reputation and career prospects.

World-class academics

You'll be taught by lecturers at the cutting edge of research. Our staff provide advice to governments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Students work with world-class experts who bring unique insights from the latest research to their teaching.

Emphasis on teaching quality

We place special importance on the quality of our students’ learning experience. A particular feature of our teaching is on the development of transferrable skills – such as data analysis, team work and presentation skills. You'll also receive regular support from a dedicated academic mentor (who is a staff member in the department) throughout your studies.

Outstanding career prospects

Graduates have an excellent track record of employment. See the most recent available data.

Facilities for you

You'll enjoy access to one of the largest libraries in the world devoted to the economic and social sciences, the LSE Library, together with its extensive range of electronic learning resources, and the award-winning Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.

Experience London

LSE is centrally located in one of the world’s global cities. The City – financial heart of London - the historic Inns of Court, and Westminster are all on our doorstep, providing opportunities for internships/future career pathways. Countless cultural venues are within walking distance and our Halls of Residence are located in some of the most exciting areas of London, including Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Trafalgar Square.

Public lecture programme

LSE attracts many high-profile external speakers including policy makers and political leaders from around the globe. Public lectures are free and open to all. Past speakers include Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Angelina Jolie, Bill Clinton, Milton Friedman, Nelson Mandela, and Noam Chomsky to name a few.

Global community

LSE's student population is a vibrant and cosmopolitan community. Our students tell us that they gain a great deal from studying alongside, and learning from, people from a wide range of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.

Student and alumni testimonials

Liam Travers


Why did you choose the course/LSE? 
Aside from being the best human geography course in the country, the department allows you to pursue modules from LSE’s other world class degree programmes!

What has been the highlight of your LSE experience so far? 
Has to be a toss up between being elected president of my hall and the notorious AU carol!

How are you planning to use your degree for your future career? 
I have no concrete plans as of yet, but I know my degree will help me find work in a progressive, ambitious and outward-looking organisation.

Sum up your experience in 3 words
Exciting, Rewarding, Unique

Emma O'Reilly


Geography explores such a wide range of issues that there is something for everyone, and contrary to common opinion geographers do a lot more than just colouring in!

Whilst at LSE I have covered topics ranging from the integration of the EU, to health policies in the developing world, to the introduction of the tube in Victorian London. As you work your way through the years you are given the opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest to you thanks to the great variety of courses offered by the Department. BA geographers went on a field trip to New York in the second year which was great fun.

LSE has a very good reputation and the Geography Department ranks very highly in the league tables. The geography programme offered by LSE is mainly human geography and as I'm not keen on physical geography this was a big factor in my decision to apply. However, once I got here I found that physical geography modules are available to those who want to study this aspect of geography.

Brendan Chia


Why did you choose the course/LSE? 
I chose LSE for the chance to study what I loved in the heart of one of the finest cities in the world.

How has your degree programme prepared you for your future career? 
My degree programme exposed me to a wide range of perspectives on some of the big issues in our world today e.g. climate change, migration, geopolitics, and taught me how to approach them. This has proven to be very valuable in my work in international organisations, where I often deal with complex and interrelated issues such as these at the global scale.

What was the highlight of your LSE experience? 
The opportunity to meet people and make friends from all over the world, and the amazing experiences/opportunities the university had to offer, such as the Geography degree programme’s field trip to New York City.

Sum up your experience in 3 words
Diverse, Valuable, Once-in-a-lifetime

Amy Rowson


Why did you choose the course/LSE? 
Having previously commenced a Geography degree at another university I realised that my interests were solely rooted in political and economic as opposed to physical Geography. Once I’d realised what my interests were and after conducting some thorough research I came to realise that LSE was the perfect place to immerse myself in the types of Geography that I found fascinating.

One of the best things about Geography at LSE is that you can tailor your module choices to suit you whether that be environmental governance, urban politics or development there are multiple choices.

LSE is at the forefront of research and although it’s difficult to comprehend what that means for a first year undergraduate, the reality is that you are taught by leading experts who are passionate and able to provide cutting edge, interesting lectures and classes. Also, it was a significant added bonus that LSE not only had the perfect course for me but that also being based in London meant I could observe much of what I was studying in my surroundings.

How has your degree programme prepared you for your future career?
Following a summer internship, I am commencing a full-time graduate role as a Marketing Executive in financial services and although I have received constant questions along the lines of: “What’s Geography got to do with marketing?”, there are good reasons for my choice. Studying Geography is not just about acquiring incredibly interesting knowledge it has also been about acquiring a broad set of skills.

In my time at LSE I’ve been able to debate, create succinct presentations, acquire a set of in-depth critical thinking skills and also be fortunate enough to acquire some quantitative skills. It’s this broad skill base and the backing of LSE’s reputation that has helped me secure my graduate role and although as an undergraduate you often want to push careers to the back of your mind, LSE is a good environment for encouraging students to think about their futures as well as their present studies.

Furthermore, as LSE is based in London, an internationally recognised centre for numerous diverse organisations and pressure groups it presented me with many opportunities to develop my personal network. The link may seem unusual but my passion for Geography shines through and I’m keeping my options open for future graduate study potentially into urban politics.

What was the highlight of your LSE experience? 
The highlight for me has to be the moment that I walked out of an exam room and realised I’d been able to face questions which were very challenging but also very interesting and current. There’s a sense of pride in being able to tackle topics and issues that politicians and researchers are facing today. That realisation of the depth of your knowledge is an extremely fulfilling moment and definitely demonstrates why LSE is such an incredible university to study at.

Sum up your experience in 3 words
Exciting, Challenging, Fun! 

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