Emma O'Reilly

Geography explores such a wide range of issues that there is something for everyone, and contrary to common opinion geographers do a lot more than just colouring in! Whilst at LSE I have covered topics ranging from the integration of the EU, to health policies in the developing world, to the introduction of the tube in Victorian London. As you work your way through the years you are given the opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest to you thanks to the great variety of courses offered by the Department. BA geographers also go on a field trip to New York in the second year which is great fun.

LSE has a very good reputation and the Geography Department ranks very highly in the league tables. The geography programme offered by LSE is mainly human geography and as I'm not keen on physical geography this was a big factor in my decision to apply. However, once I got here I found that physical geography modules are available to those who want to study this aspect of geography.

The fact that LSE is positioned in the centre of London is very exciting, I get to walk over Waterloo bridge everyday and am yet to get bored of the scenery. Many of the lecturers at the School are leading researchers in their field, it is commonplace to read an article for one of your classes by one of the subject's 'top dogs', and then be lectured by them a few days later – at LSE you know that you are learning from the best. Although much of the work you will do is individual, class teachers and lecturers are always willing to give a helping hand. But LSE isn't all hard work (though it helps!), you are bound to find like minded people and there is a fair amount to do with the abundance of societies. I work at the student union bar and it's a great place to be.

As a lot of the study you do at LSE is individual you can really develop a lot of skills. When I arrived here my attention wasn't up to much, but my motivation and organisation have really improved as I enjoy what I am doing more and more. Studying at LSE has highlighted to me what direction I want to take in the future and I think this is down to the freedom you are given with your course choices.

After graduation I hope to do a master's in urban planning so that I can work in regeneration and housing.

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Emma O'Reilly

Nottingham, UK

3rd year, BA Geography