Economic Geography

Seminar Series

Research Seminars in Economic Geography take place throughout term time. They are regularly led by PhD students in Economic Geography from LSE, and occasionally play host to external speakers. The seminars take place online via Zoom. Seminars are open to all. 

Attendance and presentation for researchers and visitors to the Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) is also encouraged.

Please fill in this form if you wish to attend any of the below seminars.

Michaelmas Term 2020

Wednesday 7 October, 4-5pm 
Matthew Sharp (LSE)
"How does minimum wage legislation influence the impacts of productivity shocks?".

Wednesday 14 October, 4-5:30pm
Carolin Ioramashvili (LSE)
"Innovation, regional employment and earnings: An analysis of France, Germany and the UK".

Wednesday 21 October, 4-5:30pm
Margarida Madaleno (LSE)
"Haven in a heartless world? Redlining and the racial marriage gap".

Wednesday 28 October, 4-5:30pm
Xiaolun Yu (LSE)
"Low-rise buildings in big cities: Theory and evidence from China".

Wednesday 11 November, 4-5pm
Tanner Regan (LSE)

Wednesday 18 November, 4-5pm
Lars Ludolph (LSE)
“Global food prices, local weather and migration in Sub-Saharan Africa”, (co-authored with Barbora Sedova, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)

Wednesday 25 November, 4-5pm
Louise Bernard (LSE)

Wednesday 2 December, 4-5:30pm
Dzhamilya Nigmatulina (LSE)
Job Market presentation

Wednesday 9 December, 4-5pm
Lukas Makovsky (LSE)


Lent Term 2021

Wednesday 20 January, 4-5pm 
Beatriz Jambrina Canseco (LSE)

Wednesday 27 January, 4-5pm 
George Yunxiong Li (LSE)

Wednesday 3 February, 4-5:30pm
Juan Soto Diaz (LSE)
Job Market presentation

Wednesday 10 February, 4-5pm 
Jen-Hsuan Yu (LSE)

Wednesday 17 February, 4-5pm 
Possapon Charoenporn (LSE)

Wednesday 3 March, 4-5pm 
Rebecca Mari (LSE)

Wednesday 10 March, 4-5pm 
Mohammed Adil Sait and Till Meissner

Wednesday 17 March, 4-5pm 
Elena Lutz and Capucine Riom

Wednesday 24 March, 4-5pm
Martina Pardy, Pedros Llanos Paredes and Lindiwe Rennert

Wednesday 31 March, 4-5pm
Gabriele Piazza, Antonio Avila and Ignacio Aravena Gonzalez

Summer Term 2021

Wednesday 5 May, 4pm-5pm 
M. Yorga Permana (LSE)

Wednesday 12 May, 4pm-5pm 
Margarida Bandeira Morais

Wednesday 19 May, 4pm-5pm 
Natalie Pruett (LSE)

Wednesday 26 May, 4pm-5pm 
Han Wang (LSE)

Wednesday 3 June, 4pm-5pm 
Yohan Iddawela (LSE)

Wednesday 9 June, 4-5pm
Sandro Provenzano (LSE)

Wednesday 16 June, 4pm-5pm 
Augustin Boey (LSE)