Economic Geography

Seminar Series

Research Seminars in Economic Geography take place throughout term time. They are led by PhD students in Economic Geography from LSE, and occasionally play host to external speakers.

If you wish to attend any of the seminars, please email o.silva@lse.ac.uk.

27 October
J. Picard
"Behavioural Spillovers Unpacked: From Vegetarianism to Climate Action"

4 October
S. Breggren
"Unsafe water and children's development"

11 October
F. Nicolini
"Pollution, traffic reduction and electoral outcomes"

18 October
A. Avila
"The Effect of Air Pollution on US Aggregate Production"

25 October
I. Aravena-Gonzalez 
"Inclusive but Concentrated: The Impacts of Inclusionary Zoning. Evidence from Los Angeles, California"

8 November
Ali Glisson
“Regional Development Traps in the United States, 1980-2019”

15 November
Capucine Riom
“Duty to Defend: Optimal investment in flood defences in spatial equilibrium"

22 November
Shaonlee Patranabis
“Colonial Legacies and Housing Markets: Evidence from Mumbai”

29 November
Jingyuan Zeng
"The making of high-tech clusters: Early-mover and localized catch-ups in the US microchip breakthrough"

6 December
Ailin Zhang
"Housing Constraints and Intergenerational Mobility"