Economic Geography

Seminar Series

Research Seminars in Economic Geography take place at LSE throughout term time. They are regularly led by PhD students in Economic Geography from LSE, and occasionally play host to external speakers. The seminars will now take place online via Zoom. Seminars are open to all. 

Attendance and presentation for researchers and visitors to the Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) is also encouraged.

Please email Carolin Ioramashvili to access the Zoom seminar link.

Summer Term 2020

Wednesday 6 May, 4-5pm 
Carolin Ioramashvili
"Industry concentration and labour shares: a regional analysis of Great Britain". 

Wednesday 20 May, 4-5pm
Jen-Hsuan Yu
"The spatial returns to education".

Wednesday 27 May, 10-11am
Yohan Iddawela
"Determinants of Sub-National Government Quality in African Regions: The Role of Armed Conflict". 

Wednesday 3 June, 4-5pm
Margarida Madaleno
“Haven in a heartless world? Segregation and the racial marriage gap”.

Wednesday 10 June, 4-5pm
Augustin Boey
"Dealmakers and the geography of innovation: The impact of local networks on innovation in the UK". 

Wednesday 17 June, 4-5pm
Sandro Provenzano
"Territorial Decentralization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Boundary Reforms". 

Wednesday 24 June, 4-5:30pm
Beatriz Jambrina-Canseco 
"Local media reporting and support for the radical right: Evidence from Spanish newspapers".

Natalie Pruett 
"Urban core decline: Residential vacancy in Flint, Michigan". 

Lent Term 2020

Wednesday 22 January, 4-5pm 
Han Wang
“Returning entrepreneurs! The Persistent effect of entrepreneurship in China”. 

Wednesday 29 January, 4-5pm 
Antton Haramboure (Paris School of Economics)
“A Streetcar Named Employment. Can Light-weight Rail Transit Mitigate Spatial Mismatch?"

Wednesday 5 February, 4-5pm
Xiaolun Yu
"Construction, Supply Constraint and Housing Markets in China".

Wednesday 12 February, 4-5pm 
Martina Manara
“Neighbourhood effects on Residential License uptake in Dar es Salaam”.

Wednesday 19 February, 4-5pm 
Louise Bernard
"Floods and urbanization in low income countries". 

Wednesday 4 March, 4-5pm 
Lars Ludolph
"Barriers to humanitarian migration, traumatic events and integration outcomes: Evidence from Germany".

Wednesday 11 March, 4-5pm 
Yunxiong Li
"Outward foreign direct investment and domestic innovation activities – Empirical evidence on Chinese multinational enterprises". 

Wednesday 18 March, 4-5pm 
Juan Soto Diaz
"Large-Scale Mining and Local Economic Development".

Wednesday 25 March, 4-5:30pm
Possapon Charoenporn 
“Foreign Direct Investment and Spatial Inequality in Developing Countries: the case of Thailand”.

Rebecca Mari
“Fiscal Constraints and Regional Economic Growth: regional outcomes of austerity in Italy”.

Margarida Bandeira Morais
"“Economic Complexity and Regional Disparities”.

Wednesday 1 April, 4-5pm
Lukas Makovsky
"Open Space Amenities' Value and Complementarity".

Yorga Permana
"The Geography of Gig Economy: A Systematic Review".

Natalie Pruett


Michaelmas Term 2019

Wednesday 2 October, 4pm-5:30pm 
Julius Andersson (London School of Economics)
"Carbon Taxes and CO2 Emissions: Sweden as a Case Study". (Job market presentation)

Wednesday 16 October, 4pm-5pm 
Kalle Kappner (Humboldt University of Berlin)
"Sanitation, Externalities and the Urban Mortality Transition". 

Wednesday 23 October, 4pm-5pm 
Matt Sharp (London School of Economics)
"The labour market effects of female rural-urban migration: Evidence from the end of Apartheid in South Africa". 

Wednesday 30 October, 4pm-5pm 
Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo (London School of Economics)
"Outward FDI and Skill Downgrading in Mexican Regions".

Wednesday 13 November, 4pm-5:30pm 
Filipo Boeri (London School of Economics)
"Offshoring and Local Labour Markets: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data" (Job market presentation)

Wednesday 20 November, 4-5pm
Ulrich Eberle
"Damned by Dams? Infrastructure and conflict".

Wednesday 27 November, 4pm-5pm 
Andreas Diemer (London School of Economics)
"Spatial Diffusion of Local Economic Shocks in Social Networks: Evidence from the US Fracking Boom".

Wednesday 4 December, 4pm-5pm 
Tanner Regan (London School of Economics)
"Eliciting demand for title deeds: Lab-in-the-field evidence from urban Tanzania".

Wednesday 11 December, 4pm-5pm 
Jamila Nigmatulina (London School of Economics)
"Electricity Prices and Firm Performance. Evidence from Russia".