Pia  Andres

Pia Andres

PhD candidate in Environmental Economics

Department of Geography and Environment

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Key Expertise
Energy transition, Innovation & technological change, Industrial policy

About me

Pia’s doctoral research studies the drivers of clean technological change, aiming to help inform how industrial policy can best drive the transition to a low carbon economy. She is particularly interested in how the often multiple aims of green industrial policy (such as mitigating climate change, creating jobs and stimulating local growth, ensuring international competitiveness in a greener world economy, etc.) interact and potentially conflict, and how existing economic capabilities can be leveraged and enhanced as part of a green industrial strategy.

Pia holds an undergraduate MA in Economics from the University of Glasgow and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the London School of Economics. She has been involved in research on trade and innovation in environmental goods and services with Dr Misato Sato since 2017. She has also worked as a consultant at Vivid Economics and as an intern at the Bank of England, the Office for National Statistics, and the research support team at the University of Glasgow.

Thesis title 

Industrial policy, trade, and the renewable energy sector (working title)

Academic supervisors 

Dr Roger Fouquet
Dr Misato Sato

Expertise Details

Energy transition; Innovation & technological change; Industrial policy; Trade & trade policy; Technology diffusion