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Meet the EIQ Editorial Board 

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Professor Chris Anderson – Editor

Ralf Dahrendorf Professor of European Politics and Society at the European Institute

A student of political behaviour, Professor Anderson’s research has centred on the micro-foundations of markets and democracy. Past research projects have investigated the popularity of governments, the dynamics of public opinion about European integration, and people’s satisfaction with democracy. In other streams of research, he has investigated the connection between welfare states and citizen behaviour and the political attitudes and behaviours of immigrants in Europe.



Dr Gianmarco Fifi – Editor

Nicholas Barr Fellow in European Political Economy at the European Institute

Prior to joining the European Institute, Dr Gianmarco Fifi was a doctoral student and Associate Tutor at the University of Warwick. He holds a BA from LUISS Guido Carli, a MA in International Political Economy from King’s College London and a PhD from Warwick. His thesis investigated the ways in which left-wing formations in Italy have come to provide key support for fiscal austerity and labour-market flexibilisation since the 1980s. Part of the findings from Gianmarco’s PhD are now published in an article in Review of Intarnational Political Economy.



Dr Cristóbal Garibay-Petersen – Editor

Fellow in European Philosophy at the European Institute

Dr Cristóbal Garibay-Petersen is Fellow in European Philosophy in the European Institute at LSE. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Essex where he worked on Kant’s metaphysics of time. His current research is primarily focused on the metaphysics and ontologies of different forms of idealism, but he has also worked on later nineteenth and twentieth centuries European philosophy. While he has taught mostly on logic and the metaphysics of Modernity, his broader interests include the history of thought/reason and the histories of ideas.


Dr Vesna Popovski – Editor

Fellow in Conflict and Post-Conflict Studies at the European Institute

Dr. Vesna Popovski is LSE Fellow in Conflict and Post-Conflict Studies at the European Institute. She holds an MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge. Her research has evolved from interest in the Chicago school of urban sociology to analysing social rights of citizens of urban settlements in socialist Yugoslavia; from development studies, particularly post-colonial legacy on state and nation building to the rise of nationalism in the late 1980 in Eastern Europe and Russia concentrating on its effect on rights of national minorities. More recently, Vesna developed interest in food and nationalism, that is how food feeds our identity, in parallel with concentrating on issues relating to transitional justice in post-conflict societies.