Professor Javier  Ortega

Professor Javier Ortega

Visiting Senior Fellow

European Institute

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English, French, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Political Economy, Labour Economics, Nationalism, Immigration

About me

Javier Ortega is Professor of Economics at Kingston University London since January 2019. He holds a PhD in Economics from EHESS (Paris) in 1996 and has been (among other positions) Associate Professor at the Toulouse School of Economics (1998-2008) and Senior Lecturer at City, University of London. He was appointed Associate Dean for Research of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences in January 2020. From October 2021 till May 2023, he served as Interim Dean of the Faculty. 

Javier has mostly conducted research in labour economics and political economy, but he has a wider general interest in political sciences, modern history, the history of ideas and sociolinguistics. Specifically, he has published papers on issues such as the impact of immigration on wages and employment, the language assimilation of immigrants, the organisation of education in multilingual countries or Gellner’s theory of nationalism. He is currently doing research on political correctness, on types of nationalism, and on measuring the stability of political systems.

Expertise Details

Labour market impact of immigration; Language assimilation of immigrants; Organisation of multilingual countries