Yonatan Levi

Yonatan Levi

PhD Candidate

European Institute

English, Hebrew
Key Expertise
Millennial Politics; Political Ideologies; Social Movements

About me

Yonatan Levi is a PhD candidate specialising in millennial politics. His doctoral project is a comparative analysis of the political ideas and generational conceptions underpinning the global Occupy movement (2011-2012).

Prior to his doctoral studies, Yonatan worked as a journalist for Israel’s leading daily newspaper, an investigative researcher for a Jerusalem-based progressive think tank, and a political campaigner. In 2011 he was one of the leaders of the massive Israeli social justice protest movement. In 2016 he worked in the UK Parliament.

Yonatan is a recipient of the British Foreign Office’s Chevening Scholarship for students with outstanding leadership qualities, as well as NYU’s Paths to Peace Scholarship. He is a research fellow at Molad – the Centre for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, and at the Israeli Labour Movement’s Berl Katznelson Centre. His writing has appeared in various media outlets, including The Guardian and Ha’aretz.

Yonatan holds an MSc in Political Theory from LSE and a BA in History and Literature from Tel-Aviv University.

Academic Supervisors

Professor Jonathan White and Dr Abby Innes

Expertise Details

Millennial Politics; Political Ideologies; Social Movements; Left and Right; Political Competition; Populism