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 Paul Kindermann

Paul Kindermann

PhD Candidate

European Institute

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English, German
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Democratic theory

About me

Paul Kindermann is a PhD candidate at the European Institute. Paul’s doctoral project assesses the potential of participatory innovations (such as Citizen Assemblies) in European democracy and the EU in particular. His project combines qualitative methods and empirical democratic theory to assess the role of (direct) citizen invovlement in the EU multilevel system. Paul is interested in both normative and positive political theory; his broader research interests include political representation, the transformation of political participation, and EU politics.

Before joining the European Institute, Paul was working for the research project REGIOPARL on the role of regional parliaments in the EU multilevel system. He holds an MA in Political Theory and an MA in Philosophy from Goethe University as well a as BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Hamburg. Paul was a graduate fellow at Columbia and at Northwestern University.

Paul’s research is funded by an LSE Studentship.

Academic Supervisors

Professor Jonathan White