Dr Oula Kadhum

Dr Oula Kadhum

Fellow in International Migration

European Institute

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Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
International Relations, International Migration, Transnationalism

About me

Dr Oula Kadhum is an LSE Fellow in International Migration at the European Institute. Her research explores political and religious transnationalism of diasporic migrant communities between the Middle East and Europe, with a special focus on Iraq. She is particularly interested in the ways transnationalism is used to support or challenge states, political actors, civil society and social movements as well as its effect on identity politics, religion, and nationalism in both the homeland and hostlands.

Dr Oula Kadhum gained her doctorate at Warwick University in July 2017 having a PhD fellowship on the ERC funded ‘Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty’ project. She is also completing a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship on the ERC funded ‘Alterumma’ Project at the University of Birmingham. She has taught Comparative Politics at the University of Warwick and International Relations at SOAS, University of London.


Expertise Details

International Relations; Transnationalism; Diaspora Politics; Middle East; State-building; Civil Society