Sarah Gerwens

Sarah Gerwens

Guest Teacher in Racial Diversity and Conflict

European Institute

English, German
Key Expertise
Race, Whiteness, Education, Immigration

About me

Sarah Gerwens is a Guest Teacher in Racial Diversity and Conflict. Her research investigates how people speak about race in a supposedly post-race society and how this shapes institutions.

To do this, she employs qualitative methods, including policy analysis, participant observation, and interviews, to study diversity and discrimination in German primary schools. This work engages with Critical Race Theory and critical whiteness literature. More broadly, Sarah’s research interests include racism, education, institutional discrimination, and “integration”. She also researches how social media spreads and shapes discourses.

Sarah holds degrees from LSE and Hofstra University, USA. Besides her studies, she has interned in the German and European parliament, served as the Head of Research for a pan-European youth think tank, and has worked as a short-term consultant for the GIZ. Currently, she is the student member of LSE Council and works with the PhD Academy to improve PhD supervision. She also sits on the European Institute's EDI Committee, and contributes to the EI's Beyond Eurocentrism programme.