Dr Kate Alexander Shaw

Dr Kate Alexander Shaw

Research Officer

European Institute

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Key Expertise
Comparative Politics, Political Economy

About me

Kate Alexander Shaw is a Research Officer on the ERC-funded project SOLID – Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics: Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU post-2008, led by Prof. Waltraud Schelkle. She specialises in British and comparative political economy, with a particular interest in the politics of economic ideas. She gained her PhD in 2018 from the LSE’s Department of Government. Her doctoral work developed a theory of the life-cycle of economic policy narratives under conditions of both stability and crisis, looking particularly at the New Labour government of the UK (1997-2010).  She has previously been a visiting fellow at Brown University, and an affiliate researcher at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).  Kate has published on topics including income inequality in Britain, and the comparative politics of intergenerational fairness in post-crisis Europe.

Kate holds an MRes in qualitative political science research methods from the LSE, and a BA in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Prior to her PhD, she worked as a senior policy analyst at the Greater London Authority and at HM Treasury.

Expertise Details

Comparative political economy; British politics; The politics of economic ideas; Economic policy narratives; Qualitative methods