The Criminalisation of Irregular Migration in Europe

Hosted by the European Institute

Online public event


Dr Matilde Rosina

Dr Matilde Rosina

Dr Natascha Zaun

Dr Natascha Zaun



Dr Eiko Thielemann

Dr Eiko Thielemann

In this event, Matilde Rosina will discuss her new book on the criminalisation of irregular migration in Europe.

It will explore the meaning, purpose, and consequences of criminalising unauthorised entry and stay. Using Italy and France as case studies, it will argue that criminalisation has no effect on migratory flows, and that this is due to factors including the latter’s structural determinants and the likely creation of substitution effects. 

Meet our speakers and chair

Matilde Rosina is LSE Fellow in International Migration at the European Institute. Her research focuses on the political economy of international migration, with specific reference to the European context.

Natascha Zaun is Assistant Professor in Migration Studies at the European Institue. Natascha’s key areas of expertise cover European and global refugee, immigration and border policies and politics.

Eiko Thielemann (@thielema) is Associate Professor in Political Science and Public Policy at LSE European Institute.

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