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Get Involved

The contributions of our alumni are very important to us. There are many ways that you can get involved with the work or development of the European Institute.


Connect with our students

Our students really appreciate getting advice from alumni, and we’re always so grateful to all those alumni who want to reach out and help.

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Networking lunches -  The European Institute runs a series of popular alumni-student networking events, and we are always looking for alumni who are able to take part in these discussions. Meet-ups usually happen over lunch or drinks, and often focus on a theme or profession.

Ask an Alum - Would you be willing to answer student questions by email? Students want to hear from alumni about what it’s like to study in the European Institute or at LSE, or about finding an apprenticeship or job after graduation.

If you’d like to be an ‘Alumni Ambassador’ for the European Institute, and contribute to one of our career networking lunches or assist our Ask and Alum email service, let us know at


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Make a gift

The very generous support of our alumni help us to improve the student experience and to grow our department.

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Previous donations have helped to provide scholarships to our Bocconi Double degree programme, support student attendance at Cumberland Lodge, assist with travel so students could visit Brussels to attend an internship fair, and even to pay for pizza at our student-alumni networking lunch events.

No gift is too small, and every penny given is gratefully received by your department. Visit our Giving page to read about the European Institute’s priorities, and how you might contribute financially.



Help to promote the European Institute

Admissions data shows that a significant proportion of students each year choose the European Institute based on word-of-mouth from alumni. The European Institute regularly produces promotional videos, social media campaigns and marketing brochures to highlight the department for a global audience.

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Our alumni are regularly featured in our promotional materials, and we are always looking for new contributors.

If you have a positive experience from LSE, your Programme or the EI that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.Who knows, you may even be quoted in our brochure or appear in our next promotional video.

To get involved, contact us at