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Alumni Benefits

The LSE Alumni Centre

Every LSE alum’s home away from home, the Centre can be used by all alumni to work remotely, hold meetings or alumni events, or even just chat to a staff representative about LSE’s ongoing work. Find out more.

Alumni Ambassadors

We want to help you stay in touch with your alumni classmates long after graduation - and maybe even make a few new friends from the EI community as well. Stay connected through our Alumni Ambassadors initiative - our Career Ambassadors share their insight into various sectors and organisations, while our Regional Ambassadors form a worldwide network for the EI.

Careers Support and Resources

All alumni can access the Careers Resource Centre and careers information website, as well as accessing in-depth careers support for up to five years. There’s a whole range of various support methods available for you to manage your career – a full breakdown can be found online. Find out more

Visiting the European Institute

Our alumni are always welcome to visit us at our home on the 6th floor of the Centre Building - if you would like to stop by and see someone particular from the faculty, please do let us know via and we can help you get connected.

Lifelong Learning

The learning doesn’t stop when you graduate! Whether you’re looking to expand your professional development through one of our discounted courses, explore the latest research with free online journal access, or join the LSE Alumni Book Club, all alumni are invited to carry on their lifelong learning journey with LSE. Find out more.


All LSE alumni are entitled to a range of discounts. Find out more.

Get in touch with fellow alumni

If you’re seeking advice from alumni in a particular sector, looking for a friendly face in a new city, or just want to say hi to a former course-mate, we’d love to help you connect.

Owing to data protection laws, we cannot give out contact details without an individual’s permission; however we can forward on messages. Get in touch with Hannah Shearer and we’ll do our best to get you in touch.

Don't forget you can also utilise LSE's global network to connect with fellow alumni from across the world or who share the same specialised interests as you - no matter where you are, there's an LSE group nearby! Find out more.

There’s plenty more benefits to being an LSE alumnus: just check out the alumni website to find out more about the opportunities open to you.