Welcome to the Department of Economics!

Welcome to the LSE Department of Economics! This page includes key information about your Welcome Week and events.

Please note, these events are for Department of Economics MSc students only.

  • MSc Economics
  • MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
  • MSc Economics 2 Year (Post-sessional and Progressing Students)
  • MSc Economics 2 Year (First Year students/preliminary)

Key Dates

 Date  Event

17 August

MSc Economics (2 Year) programme: Online re-registration. Second year students only

23 August

MSc Economics programme (1 Year) and MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics: On-campus enrolment

30 August

MSc Economics (1st year of the Two Year Programme): On-campus enrolment

20 September

EC2A0 Examination for 1st year students of the MSc Economics Two Year Programme

18-19 September

EC400/EC451 Examinations

Welcome Events

The detailed Welcome events schedule for the EC400/EC451/EC2A0 and September Welcome have been sent to you via email. Please note these events are for LSE Department of Economics MSc students only.

Course selection videos

Current course selection videos for 2023/24 will be available here at the end of August.

Connect with your cohort

Join our MSc Economics and EME 2023/24 Discord server! You’ll be able to chat with your cohort prior to term starting and share your experiences. To join, sign up for a Discord account and then email the information below to Econ.MSc@lse.ac.uk:

  • Your LSE Student ID
  • Your Discord ID (e.g. "Kelly#6123")
  • Your degree programme (e.g. "MSc Economics 1-Year")

Once we have this information our team will add your Discord account as a friend. When you accept the request, we will be able to invite you to the Economics and EME server. We hope to see you there!