EC400 Application

Most MSc level Economics courses can only be taken by students who have attended EC400 Introductory Course in Mathematics and Statistics.

If you are interested in taking a course beginning EC4XX, please check whether EC400 is a pre-requisite requirement on the Graduate Course Guides.

When EC400 is listed as a pre-requisite requirement, it is compulsory for ALL students, including those students with an economics/mathematics undergraduate degree. It is essential training for ALL students who are about to embark on MSc level Economics courses.

Students from outside the Department of Economics must apply to take EC400. Students who have EC400 listed as a compulsory part of their programme are not required to apply for the course. Students who have an EC4XX course listed in their programme regulations as a compulsory course should gain automatic entry to EC400 (for instance, MSc Environmental Economics Climate Change & MSc Economic History). For programmes which have an EC4XX course listed in their programme regulations, but with entry restricted (for instance, EC453 Political Science and Political Economy), EC400 applications will be screened in line with standard protocols and hence admission to EC400 is not guaranteed. Please check your specific programme regulations for more information. It is worth noting that only around 10% of applications to EC400 are successful.

EC400 is an introduction to MSc level concepts in mathematics and statistics, and an undergraduate level understanding is assumed. EC400 is not intended as an introduction for students with little or no formal economics/mathematics background.

If you believe you meet the requirements above, please complete the form below. The Department of Economics will then retrieve your application file (the original application you made to LSE) to assess your suitability for the course.

OUTSIDE APPLICATIONS TO JOIN EC400 IN 2023 HAVE NOW CLOSED. Students who submitted an on-time application via the webform will be contacted by email in the coming days with their result. Please note that all decisions are final and cannot be appealed.