Erik Eyster's publications and working papers


“The Demand for Bad Policy when Voters Underappreciate Equilibrium Effects’’ (with Ernesto Dal Bo and Pedro Dal Bo), forthcoming Review of Economic Studies.

“Extensive Imitation is Irrational and Harmful’’ (with Matthew Rabin), Quarterly Journal of Economics 129(4), 2014: 1861-1898.

“Congested Observational Learning” (with Andrea Galeotti, Navin Kartik and Matthew Rabin), Games and Economic Behavior 87, 2014: 519-538.

“An Approach to Asset Pricing Under Complete and Diverse Perceptions” (with Michele Piccione), Econometrica 81(4), 2013: 1483-1506.

“Naïve Herding in Rich-Information Settings” (with Matthew Rabin), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2(4), 2010: 221-243.

“The Distributional Consequences of Diversity-Enhancing University Admissions Rules” (with Jimmy Chan), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 25(2), 2009: 499- 517.

“Party Platforms in Electoral Competition with Heterogeneous Constituencies” (with Thomas Kittsteiner), Theoretical Economics 2(1), March 2007: 41-70.

“Cursed Equilibrium” (with Matthew Rabin), Econometrica 73(5), September 2005: 1623-1672.

“Does Banning Affirmative Action Harm College Student Quality” (with Jimmy Chan), American Economic Review 93(2), June 2003: 858-872.

Working papers

“Financial Markets where Traders Neglect the Information Content in Prices” (with Matthew Rabin and Dimitri Vayanos) CEPR Discussion Paper 10629, May 2015.

“Preferences for Fair Prices, Cursed Expectations, and the Nonneutrality of Money” (with Kristof Madarasz and Pascal Michaillat) CEP Discussion Paper 1325, February 2015.

“Correlation Neglect in Financial Decision Making” (with Georg Weizsaecker).

Rationalising the Past: A Taste for Consistency.