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Tsinghua University has a great academic and research profile. I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to study there, interact with business leaders, and live in Beijing for 2 weeks.

Aiden Patterson (Investment Banking Associate, Nomura)

CLCB student testimonial CLCB student testimonial
Our executive students talk about their learning journey and experience

Participant profile

  • Top 5 industry sectors represented: Banking, consulting, investment, government, education
  • Top 10 countries of origin represented: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, Korea, India
  • Group levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced

Testimonial highlights

Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson (Director of Global Communications, ABP London)

“It is worth remembering that the reputation of the LSE is held in high regard nationally and internationally and it is a privilege to study the CLCB course here. There is the extra bonus of the study trip to the distinguished Tsinghua University in Beijing, a wonderful and fulfilling experience and I do not think any other Chinese language courses in London offer such a great connection.”


Matei Negrescu

Matei Negrescu (Business Development Manager China, Equinor)

"In this day and age, understanding China – its language, its culture and its business environment – can be a tremendous business and career booster. Being part of the Chinese Language and Culture for Business programme at LSE for the second year in a row allowed me to greatly increase my knowledge across all those dimensions, and the two-weeks study trip to China brings it all together – for me definitely the highlight of the programme!"


Sarah Chidgey

Sarah Chidgey (China & Hong Kong Lead, Department of International Trade)

"I am pleased to say I have passed HSK3 with CLCB. I have enjoyed hearing from key guest speakers, the network that you build as part of the course, and the reputation of LSE Confucius Institute for Business London."


Gabriel Luraschi

Gabriel Luraschi, CAIA (Structured Credit Trader - Associate Director, HSBC)

"I think learning Chinese would open a lot of opportunities for me. Like any other course, you get what you give; CIBL is a place where you can give a lot and get a lot. You can study in many different ways: going to classes, meeting local Chinese students at LSE and attending intercultural communication seminars and workshops. That is why I chose to study CLCB."


Ola Ikuesan

Oladeji Ikuesan (Principal Consultant, GNC Lean-Agile Consulting)

"Taking the CLCB executive programme was one of the best professional decisions I've made. I will always be grateful that I took this step for my career. What I’ve enjoyed the most is meeting new people and like-minded people who really want to learn Chinese. The teachers are passionate about imparting the knowledge they have to us. Spending two weeks at Tsinghua University immersed in China will have a lasting impact on me in many areas. I returned to London with a spark in my brain."


Marta Ziosi

Marta Ziosi (Head of AI Initiatives, German-Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence)

"My experience with CLCB was key to bridge my passion for AI Policy with China, its language and culture. CLBC did not only allow me to learn Chinese language, but to gain precious insights into the culture, the business and to build a precious network both in the UK and in China. I started wanting to learn Chinese and I ended up with a much broader mindset and friends who share my passion. China plays an increasingly important role in the international order and CLBC gives you the tools, at any career stage, to understand and engage with its multifaceted reality."


Mike Zhang

Michael Zhang (Research Analyst, MSD Partners)

"I chose CLCB because it is well-structured with a clear syllabus, the make-up classes and the online platform allow me to catch up if I have to miss a class. Besides, the classes are quite small and the teachers tailor the work to each individual pupil. Not to mention, the trip to Tsinghua University was also a unique experience. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to learn the Chinese language and culture for business."


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