China study trip

Immersing in authentic Chinese culture and environment

Optional study trip to Beijing with scholarship funding


A unique feature of our executive programme is an optional 2-week study trip to Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. This is a special opportunity for students to experience what China is really like. During the trip, students have Mandarin classes for their respective levels, go on cultural excursions, visit Chinese companies and mingle with Chinese locals.

Students on CLCB get priority in their scholarship funding for this trip. Our past cohorts have generally found immersing themselves in China to be very helpful for rapidly improving their language skills and cultural understanding.

Highlights of Study Trip in July 2018

Tsinghua University Office

Sino-UK Business Forum Was Successfully Held at Tsinghua

On Sunday 22nd July 2018, supported by Confucius Institute Headquarters, Tsinghua University and the London School of Economics and Political Science, the fourth Sino-UK Business forum was held at Tsinghua University. This forum brings together experienced Chinese and UK business professionals to network and discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China.

This year, the key speakers included the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China Mr. Nicholas Holt, Deputy General Manager from New China Asset Management Ms. Alice Fan Yang, and the founder of Venture Education Mr. Julian Fisher.

The forum covered a wide range of topics from the challenges of being a successful small business entrepreneur in China, to the opportunities which are likely to arise from the Belt and Road initiative. In addition to setting out the developing trends in each of their sectors, the key speakers also provided their views on how to operate as an effective bridge between China and Britain and how to navigate the cultural differences between the two nations in order to create successful and durable business relationships. Following the presentations, the speakers received questions from the audience and participated in an informal discussion and networking event. The forum provided the opportunity for the participants to build up greater network to work with China.

The forum has been held annually for the last three years and forms an important part of the Tsinghua-LSE Future Leaders Programme. The participants in this programme spend two weeks in Beijing at Tsinghua University where they receive a series of intensive lessons and participate in activities to accelerate their learning of the Chinese language and to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and business.

(Alex Gardner)



今年的主旨演讲人包括中国英国商会会长Nicholas Holt先生、新华资产管理股份有限公司副总裁杨帆女士以及问创教育的创始人Julian Fisher先生。



(作者:Alex Gardner,翻译:袁飞)

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