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The Chinese Language and Culture for Business (CLCB) course is a part-time executive programme for anyone with a global vision and an interest in China. This 10-month programme is delivered using a blended learning approach and will empower you to communicate effectively in the Chinese business context.

CLCB is a comprehensive course. It covers not only the Chinese language, but also management and intercultural communication training. No matter your background, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of doing business with China.

This programme is designed with your busy schedules in mind. In addition to the structured classroom learning, you can learn anytime and anywhere from our online catch-up sessions. These are unlimited opportunities that you can book on a weekly basis throughout the course. Moreover, you will have a personalised digital platform that we create for you, where you can find interactive learning materials and tailor-made content for your industry. Overall, our blended learning approach is communicative and engaging.

We also offer all students a funded study trip to China for two weeks during their study of the programme. This unique opportunity will allow you to immerse in the local culture and experience China for yourself.

Other available options:

  • CLCB online package:  this 5-month online version is delivered using a blended learning approach and will allow students to join the programme remotely. 
  • Blended CLCB - Hospitality and Tourism: powered by the China Ready textbook, it prepares professionals and Chinese learners to work in the hospitality and tourism industry for high-value tourism business coming from China to English-speaking countries.
  • CLCB Flexi: 40 hours 1-2-1 teaching online or in person with maximum flexibility suits individual preferences and needs on session scheduling and personalised learning experience.

Programme details

Who is it for?

This programme is for business executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. The current top 5 industries are: Banking, Consulting, Investment, Education, Govt.

However, learners from all background are welcome as our teachers will tailor your learning material based on your industry and interests.

Key facts

All dates below are intended until 5:00 pm UK Time.

Start date

05 October 2024

Super early-bird deadline (20% discount) 

15 July 2024

Early-bird deadline (15% discount)

26 August 2024

Application deadline

16 September 2024


Rolling basis (subject to each intake's application deadline)


10 months




March / October

Tuition fee



LSE campus

Study Trip

Summer 2025

Programme structure

Curriculum overview

CLCB uses a mixture of standard textbooks and authentic materials designed by our teachers for each student in the programme. Taught in central London, CLCB attracts students from around the globe and from diverse industries. We provide tailor-made content for every student that focuses on their specific industry and needs. Recognising students' busy schedules, we also utilises various online learning methods so support the learning journey from beginning to finish.

Programme elements

Business Mandarin

Once a week on a week day

18:30 - 20:30

HSK Preparation + 1 HSK exam

Once a month on the first Saturday

10:00 - 13:00

Intercultural Communications & Business Masterclass 

Once a month on the first Saturday

14:00 - 16:00

Global networking events

Throughout the programme


China study trip

Monday-Friday (2 weeks)

Summer 2025

Personalised class


30 minutes

1. Business Mandarin

From complete beginners to proficient speakers, our Business Mandarin is taught across 6 HSK levels. You will have a combination of face-to-face, online and mobile learning methods to ensure you achieve the best learning outcomes.

2. HSK Preparation

These 3 hours classes will focus on preparing students to prepare for HSK exam according to their HSK Level.

3. Intercultural communications

The intercultural communication element address core values of Chinese culture and its communication styles. In addition, guest speakers at executive level will share their unique experiences and advice on doing business in China successfully in our business masterclass with students.

4. Global networking events

We design numerous lectures and events to optimise students' learning experience and networking opportunities. From China Business Briefings to festival celebrations, CLCB students have the unique privilege to connect with experienced business leaders, native speakers, as well as like-minded people interested in China.

5. China study trip (optional)

The 2-week study trip to China is an optional element. The trip entails Chinese language classes and cultural workshops. There are also organised weekend field trips, invited talks, site visits and networking events. We apply for scholarship funding on behalf of each CLCB student for this trip. If the application is successful, your tuition fees, cultural tours and excursion for the study trip are covered. There is also a pre-departure training session in London for all participants.

6. Personalised class

All CLCB students are entitle to weekly personalised classes. These are 30 minutes 1-2-1 slots with CIBL teachers designed to focus on your language learning. 

Course outcomes

We aim to help you achieve your goals with all-rounded support. The learning outcomes would vary depending on the objectives you set and the amount of effort you put in. In general, by the end of 10 months, we would expect students to:

  • Be able to engage in conversations in Mandarin Chinese and understand simple texts, with a focus on business contexts

  • Understand Chinese communication culture through its linguistic codes, core values and communication styles, digging into topics such as "Guānxì" (relationships) and "Miànzi" (face)

  • Expand global contacts from various networking events with high-profile CEOs and like-minded people

  • Gain valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities in the Chinese market through a series of China Business Briefings

  • Experience authentic Chinese life with optional funded study trip in a prestigious Chinese university

Entry requirements

CLCB is academically rigorous and is suitable for ambitious learners. Applicants are expected to be fluent in English and have a good first degree. Work experience is a key requirement for this programme. However, if you are a recent graduate starting a new role in the workplace, we would also consider your application.

Basic requirements

  • Fluency in English
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Professional experience

How to apply

Application procedure

  • Submit your application form with a copy of your most recent CV

  • Wait for your application result

  • If your application is successful, proceed to make your payment

Payment guide

  • Follow this link to the LSE e-shop

  • In the amount section please select the correct programme fee

  • Follow theinstructions to complete the process

  • Forward the automatically generated payment confirmation to

Language assessment

If you are not a complete beginner, please indicate your current Mandarin level on your application form. We will arrange a language assessment for you to place in the appropriate class.

Fees and discounts

Standard programme fee

  • Full programme fee: £3,150

  • Programme fee with a 15% discount: £2,677.50

  • Programme fee with a 20% discount: £2,520


CLCB Flexi programme fee

CLCB Flexi pricing structure
Item Cost per session Total session Total cost
Weekly Mandarin class(in group) £22/hour 80  £1,760
Monthly Saturday HSK class(in group) £22/hour 30  £660
Personalised classes (available to CLCB students only) £25/30mins 30 £750
Intercultural communications training (odd months) £50/session 5  £250
Business masterclass with reception (even months) £50/session 5  £250
HSK examination £50/exam 3 £150
2-week study trip to China - Option 1 £1,100/trip (tuition, admin & pre-departure training included) 1 £1,100
2-week study trip to China - Option 2 £2,400/trip (tuition, admin & pre-departure training and accommodation included) 1 £2,400

*CLCB Flexi applicants are still required to submit their formal application as per all standard applicants. You may purchase as many items as you wish, but you should contact a member of staff for a brief consultation before confirming your purchase.


Internal certification

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certification at the award ceremony to acknowledge your achievements.

External qualification

Although not compulsory, we normally encourage our students to take the offical Chinese language proficiency test, also known as the HSK exam. Your programme fee includes the cost of 1 exam during the time of your programme. The level is completely determined by you, according to your own learning progress and objectives. Upon successful passing of the exam, you will receive an internationally recognised HSK certification. For more information on the HSK exam, please click here.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of this programme prior to your application and during the course.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the programme or admissions process, please check our frequently asked questions page, or contact us at 

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