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CIBL Online Chinese courses

CIBL online language courses focus on equipping you with the skills you need to engage in Business activities in Chinese and are easily delivered online.

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Chinese Language and Culture for Business - Online Executive Programme


The Chinese Language and Culture for Business London (CLCB) course is an online executive programme for anyone with a global vision and an interest in China. This 5-month programme is delivered using a blended learning approach and will empower you to communicate effectively in the Chinese business context.


Chinese Language and Culture for Business - Hospitality & Tourism


Our flagship Chinese Language and Culture for Business (CLCB) executive programme is now available in a specialised version focusing on hospitality & tourism industry. Powered by the China Ready textbook, it prepares professionals and Chinese learners to work in the hospitality and tourism industry for high-value tourism business coming from China to English-speaking countries.


Online HSK preparation courses


These courses are designed for students who want to improve their Chinese in general and would also like to take a short, weekly Chinese courses to prepare for the HSK exams.


Online HSK Coursebook Learning Courses


These courses focus on talking through the HSK Standard Course books, allowing students to learn the required vocabularies and grammar points in the targeted levels.