List of MPhil and PhD theses


2020 onwards


The horizon’s limits: becoming the global middle class in two UK international schools
Cottrell, H, PhD

Energy as the work of nature: the quandaries of sacrificial productivism in Chiloé, south of Chile
Cabaña Alvear, GR, PhD

Walking with Jesus in indigenous Amazonia: for an anthropology of paths
Garcia Briceño, L, PhD

Movements of care: an ethnography of care relations composed by Emberá Dobidá migrants, Colombia 
Faure, A, PhD


The everyday life of a prison: exploring the reach and limits of state control and social inequalities through an ethnography of a rural Nepalese prison
Ramble, CD, PhD

Everyday play in mothering Krishna; rethinking devotional seva (service) and prayer in the Pushtimarg
Lohiya, AG, PhD

Divine energies of the Balinese earth: the temple networks and territorial cults of Mount Batukau
Doherty, JV, PhD

The state of homelessness: fragmentation and the will to care in metropolitan England
Tawfic, S, PhD

Ordinary concerns: Class, value, and mattering among lower-middle-class Santiaguinos
Sandoval Marmolejo, I, PhD

Working through oil: Ethics, Skill, and Masculinities in the Scottish Oil and Gas industry
Watt, C, PhD

Sediments of Violence: History, Subjectivity and Mourning in Northern Cyprus
Bahçeci, S, PhD


The Dug-Up Heart: Becoming a Nun in the Company of Others
Donnelly, M, PhD

Home in Sikh Polity: Understandings of mīrī pīrī in contemporary Britain
Bhogal, JK, PhD


Expectations of the State in Migration: A Study of Afghans and Iranians who left Iran for Germany
Lenehan, S, PhD

Uneven ground: an ethnographic study of Palestinian and settler mobility in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank
Spector, B, PhD

Making Heimat in the modern world: state, catholicism, and nature in a Bavarian village community
Liu, D, PhD

‘Tension’: an ethnographic study of women’s distress in rural north India
Simpson, N, PhD

Scales of Difference: An ethnography of the family dynamics of livelihood transition, affirmative action, cultural objectification and state recognition in Andhra Pradesh, India
Herzmark, T, PhD

Contracting change: An ethnographic study of affirmative action, entrepreneurship, and bureaucracy in Atlanta, Georgia
Strong, I, PhD

Poisoned Fruits: agriculture, ecology, and the limits to aspiration in the eastern Himalaya
Beardmore, L, PhD

Performing Welshness in the Chubut Province of Patagonia, Argentina
Trotter, LE, PhD

Custodians of descent: religion, kinship, and continuity among Palestinian Orthodox Christians
Goodgame, CC, PhD

The austerity of time: living with neoliberalism, financialization, and difference in London’s Docklands
Vieira, JP, PhD

‘Burning’ borders: migration, death and dignity in a Tunisian coastal town
Zagaria, V, PhD


Under the syndicate Raj: criminalization and protection in a Muslim community in New Town, Kolkota
Arnavas, C, MPhil

Impermanent Development and the Pursuit of Permanence: Mobilising marginalisation and uncertainty towards a rightful share of Kenya’s oil
Okenwa, DA, PhD

An Atrocious Hope: Dalit Voices and Legal Performances in the Production of the Prevention of Atrocities Act in Rajasthan
Fuchs, SI, PhD

The path of the senses: kinship, intimacy and sensory experience in Pehuen Mapu, Chile
Piña Ahumada, GA, PhD

Phantom trust: faith, language, and inequality in southwest Kenya 
Zidaru Barbulescu, TM, PhD

The ‘placebo effect’ in highland Laos: insights from Akha medicine and shamanism into the problem of ritual efficacy
Ongaro, G, PhD

Extracting a living: labour, inequality, and politics in a tribal coal mining village in India 
Noy, I, PhD

Attuning to ‘the oneness’ in ‘the church in Taiwan’: An historical ethnography
Breen, GP, PhD

Conserving life: forest imaginaries and competing values in the Sundarbans forests of India
Mehtta, M, PhD



'Figuring out' conflict: an ethnographic study of modernity, law, and the state in rural southwest China
Kohonen, LK, PhD

Gendered economies of extraction: seeking permanence amidst the rubble of Bengaluru’s construction industry
Bowers, RE, PhD

Ethics and politics in Algerian zawaya: the power of Oran's popular Islam
Joassin, T, PhD

Grassroots philanthropy in China: work, ethics and social change
Fengjiang, J, PhD

The resilience of caste: Dalits, psychological essentialism, and intercaste marriage in the Himalayan foothills of eastern Nepal 
Deschenaux, I, PhD

Digging deeper: precarious futures in two Australian coal mining towns
Dahlgren, KL, PhD

All things being equal: uncertainty, ambivalence and trust in a Namibian conservancy
Laws, M, PhD

The efficacy of the gender ‘Tok’ and the Anglican Sisters’ house-based response to gender violence in post-conflict Solomon Islands
Miguel-Lorenzo, LA, PhD

Real change: translating salvation in Myanmar
Edwards, MR, PhD


Accra's professionals: an ethnography of work and value in a West African business hub
Kauppinen, AM, PhD

Visceral politics of food: the bio-moral economy of work-lunch in Mumbai, India
Kuroda, K, PhD

Expanding War, Expanding Capital: Contemporary Capitalism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Kuruüzüm, U, PhD

'Family business’: work, neighbourhood life, coming of age, and death in the time of Ebola in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Lipton, J, PhD

Violent encounters: the changing lives of Muslim women in rural West Bengal 
Stadlen, A, PhD

Talking through difference: Everyday ethics across borders in an Israeli-Palestinian community 
Tuv, L, PhD


Claims to orphanhood: an ethnographic investigation of childhood adversity in post-genocide Rwanda 
Londorf, MH, PhD

Building on shifting sands:co-operation and morality in the new Chinese co-operative movement
Stanford, MA, PhD 

'Keeping the lamp burning': a study of a mosque congregation
Shuttleworth, JC, PhD

After the American dream: the political economy of spirituality in Northern Arizona, USA
Crockford, SE, PhD

Performing Masculinity in Peri-Urban China: Duty, Family, Society
Wong, MM, PhD

The Island of the floating world: kinship, rituals, and political-economic change in post Cold War Jinmen
Chiu, H-S, PhD

'The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood': Community, enterprise and anti-modernity among reforming evangelicals in a United States city
Fletcher, KC, PhD

The afterlife of abundance: wageless life, politics, and illusion among the Guarani of the Argentine Chaco
Diz, A, PhD

Failure and the politically possible: space, time and emotion amongst independent activists in Beirut, Lebanon
Musallam, F, PhD


The living dead: revolutionary subjectivity and Syrian rebel-workers in Beirut
Proudfoot, PJ, PhD

The attraction of unity: power, knowledge and community among the Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia
Buitrón Arias, N, PhD

'Do It yourself' development: ambiguity and relational work in a Bangladesh social enterprise 
Huang, J, PhD

To fulfil the law: evangelism, legal activism and public Christianity in contemporary England
McIvor, M, PhD

Future aspirations and life choices: a comparison of young adults in urban China and Taiwan
Remmert, D, PhD

Generations of Migration: Schooling, youth and transnationalism in the Philippines
Martin, CA, PhD

The ethical life of Muslims in secular India. Islamic reformism in West Bengal
Pool, FW, PhD


Living through forms: similarity, knowledge and gender among the Runa of Pastaza (Ecuadorian Amazon)
Mezzenzana, F, PhD

The vanishing margin: an ethnography of rural water provisions in the environmentally degraded Chinese countryside
Pia, AE, PhD

Material morality: an ethnography of value among the Sanema of Venezuelan Amazonia
Penfield, AE, PhD

The ancestors remain: dynamics of matrilineal continuity in West Gao, Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands
Whiteley, JL, PhD

A country of trial: Islamic reformism, pluralism and dispute management in Peri-Urban Northern Mozambique
Laheij, CL, PhD


The everyday life of Chinese migrants in Zambia: emotion, stability and moral interaction
Wu, D, PhD

Touch future x ROBOT: examining production, consumption, and disability at a social robot research laboratory and a centre for independent living in Japan
Berthin, M, PhD

Mixing and its challenges: an ethnography of race, kinship and history in a village of Afro-indigenous descent in coastal Peru
Hale, T, PhD

Sufferer’s market: sufferation and economic ethics in Jamaica
Lewis, J, PhD

And they say there aren't any gay Arabs: ambiguity and uncertainty in Cairo's underground gay scenes
Zaki, MA, PhD

The everyday moralities of migrant women: life and labour of Latin American domestic and sex workers in London
Gutierrez Garza, AP, PhD

Children and the benefits of gender equality: negotiating traditional and modern gender expectations in a Mexican village
Milicevic, Z, PhD

Extraordinary ethics: an ethnographic study of marriage and divorce in Ben Ali's Tunisia
Grosso, SJ, PhD

To work is to transform the land: agricultural labour, personhood and landscape in an Andean ayllu
Sheild-Johansson, CM, PhD

The ambiguities of documentation: migrants' everyday encounters with Italian immigration law
Tuckett, AL, PhD

Relating as Children of God: Ruptures and Continuities in Kinship among Pentecostal Christians in the South-East of the Republic of Benin
Quiroz Uria, S, PhD

The state through its mirrors: an anthropological study of a ‘Respect-the-Elderly Home’ in Rural China at the turn of the 21st century
Liu, X, PhD

Non-cockfights: on doing / undoing gender in Shatila, Lebanon
Barbosa, G, PhD

What reform? Civil societies, state transformation and social antagonism in 'European Serbia'
Mikus, M, PhD


Planting roots, making place: an ethnography of young men in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Kraemer, DA, PhD

Indigenous autonomy amid counter-insurgency: cultural citizenship in a Philippine frontier
Gatmaytan, A, PhD

No longer kings: learning to be a Mongolian person in the Middle Gobi
Michelet, AP, PhD

Manufacturing stability: everyday politics of work in an industrial steel town in Hulwan, Egypt
Makram Ebeid, D, PhD

Transforming the self: an ethnography of ethical change amongst young Somali Muslim women in London
Liberatore, G, PhD

An ethnographic study of family, livelihoods and women's everyday lives in Dakar, Senegal
Hann, AC, PhD

We shall overcome: radical populism, political morality and participatory democracy in a Venezuelan barrio
Wilde, MW, PhD

Continuity, communion and the Dread: the Maori Rastafari of Ruatoria, Aotearoa - New Zealand
Robinson, D, PhD

Satnami self-assertion and Dalit activism: everyday life and caste in rural Chhattisgarh (central India)
Singh, Y, PhD

Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe
Andersson, R, PhD

Anatolian fragments: Armenians between Turkey and France
Al-Rustom, HA, PhD


Patronage, exploitation and the invisible hand of Mao Tse Tung in an urban municipality in western Nepal
Hoffmann, MP, PhD

Practising aesthetics: artisanal production and politics in a woodcarving village in Oaxaca, Mexico
Cant, A, PhD

The family in changing China: a local history of kinship in rural Zhejiang province
Roberts, DWO, PhD

Peripheral nationhood: being Israeli in Kiryat Shemona
Furberg Moe, MC, PhD

Why not marry them?: history, essentialism and the condition of slave descendants among the southern Betsileo (Madagascar)
Regnier, DA, PhD

Building political relations: cooperation, segmentation and government in Bancoumana (Mali)
Pes, LG, PhD

The shade of the divine: Approaching the sacred in an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian community
Boylston, TA, PhD

Cementing modernisation: Transnational markets language and labour tension in a Soviet-era factory in Moldova
Chamberlain-Creanga, R, PhD

The work of financialisation: An ethnography of a global management consultancy in a post-Mao China
Chong, KZ, PhD

Growing up and becoming independent: an ethnographic study of new generation migrant workers in China
Fang, I, PhD

An anthropological study of ethnicity and the reproduction of culture among Hong Kong Chinese families in Scotland
Bell, EM, PhD


The Everyday Order of Things: An Ethnographic Study of Occupation in a West Bank Palestinian Village
Calis, I , PhD

Development in the Mountains of Confusion: Guaribas under the Zero-Hunger Programme
Sorrentino, M, PhD

Exporting subservience: Sri Lankan women's migration for domestic work
Frantz, EA, PhD

Life and labour on the settler farms of the Zimbabwean-South African border
Bolt, M, PhD

Being, becoming and unbecoming a refugee: The lives of Congolese children in Dar es Salaam
Mann, GR, PhD

Staying Humble in the City: Traditional Pentecostalism in Contemporary São Paulo
St Clair, G, PhD

Kunchikorve worlds of work
Shinde, P, PhD

Negotiating Traditions: Transformations of Jewish Identities and Community Building in Post-Soviet Odessa, Ukraine
Sapritsky, M, PhD

The Politics of Place, Community and Recognition among Kashmiri Pandit Forced Migrants in Jammu and Kashmir
Datta, A, PhD

Conversion and the Logic of Mormonism: An Ethnography from the Russian City of Samara
Washburn, D, PhD

Kinship as Citizenship: State Formations, Sovereignty and Political Ethics Among the Kallars of Central Tamilnadu
Arumugam, I, PhD


Status, Security and Change: An Ethnographic Study of Caste, Class and Religion in Rural Rajasthan
Mullard, J, PhD

Windfall Wealth and Envy in Three Chinese Mining Villages
Zhang, H, PhD

The Social Life of the Pill: An Ethnography of Contraceptive Pill Users in a Central London Family Planning Clinic
Boydell, V, PhD

The land of gold: risk and recognition in the central highlands of Timor-Leste
Bovensiepen, J, PhD

Filipina Intermarriage in Rural Japan: An Anthropological Approach
Umeda, Y, PhD

A Stable Environment: Surrogacy and the Good Life in Scotland
Dow, KL, PhD



Identity and Difference in a Muslim Community in Central Gujarat, India Following the 2002 Communal Violence
Heitmeyer, CM, PhD

Workers, Netas and Goondas: The Casualisation of Labour in an Indian Company Town
Sanchez, A, PhD

Status, Morality and the Politics of Transformation: An Ethnographic Account of Nurses in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa
Hull, EA, PhD

Politics, Patronage and Debt Bondage in the Pakistani Punjab
Martin, NE, PhD

Self Harm and Self Inflicted Death amongst Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka: An Ethnographic Study
Widger, T, PhD

Opium Poppy Husk Traders in Rajasthan: The Lives and Work of Businessmen in the Contemporary Indian Opium Industry
De Wilde, RM, PhD

Everyday Moralities: Family, Work, Ritual, and the Local State in Rural China
Steinmuller, J, PhD


Love in a Big City: Sexuality, Kinship, and Citizenship amongst Lala ('lesbian') Women in Beijing
Engebretsen, EL, PhD

Being Gay, Being Straight: An Anthropological Critique of Manchester's Gay Village
Darbyshire, KJ, PhD

Gender, education and status in a Dalit community in Andhra Pradesh, South India
Still, CLM, PhD


Social Change and Religious Transformation in a Pentecostal Church in Ghana and London
Daswani, G, PhD

An ethnographic analysis of HIV/AIDS in the Venda region of South Africa: Politics, peer education and music
McNeill, FG , PhD

In the House, Around the House: An Ethnography of Hadar - Hadrami Migration to Kuwait
Alajmi, AM, PhD

The production of difference: sociality, work and mobility in a community of Syrian Dom between Lebanon and Syria
Bochi, G, PhD

Memory and (re)making moral order in the aftermath of violence in a highland Khmer village in Cambodia
Zucker, EM, PhD

Inventing the Public Enemy: The Gangster in Taiwanese Society, 1991-2006
Santos, P, PhD

Witchcraft, religious transformation, and Hindu nationalism in rural central India
Desai, AA, PhD


From Enemies to Affines: Conflict and Community among the Waorani of Amazonian Ecuador
High, CR, PhD

Close Bonds: Kinship, Politics and Livelihoods in a Lebanese Village
Obeid, M, PhD

Being a "Soviet Korean" in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Shin, JF-M, PhD

Elites and Modernity in Mozambique
Sumich, JM, PhD


Cutting the Anthill: The Symbolic Foundations of Female and Male Circumcision Rituals among the Mandinka of Brikama, The Gambia
Ahmadu, FS, PhD

Miraculous Democracy: Political and Religious Power in a Convent and Village of South Central Romania
Forbess, AI, PhD

Marriage, knowledge, and morality among Catholic peasants in Northeast Brazil
Mayblin, MM, PhD

Living apart: separation and sociality amongst the Ashéninka of Peruvian Amazonia
Killick, E, PhD

Mapuche Person, Mapuche People: Individual and Society in Indigenous Southern Chile
Course, MEG, PhD

Domination, Development and Drought: A Study of Two Chikunda Settlements in Dande, Zambesi Valley, Zimbabwe
Claudio, FM , PhD

Living on the Frontline: Politics, Migration and Transfrontier Conservation in the Mozambican Villages of the Mozambique-South Africa Borderland
Norman, WO, PhD

Visions of Authority: Leadership, Power and Hierarchy in Central China
Pharoah, R, PhD


People and Tigers: An anthropological study of the Sundarbans of West Bengal, India
Jalais, A, PhD

Educational Disadvantage, Trilingualism and Social Change: The Pomaks of Greek Thrace
Michail, D, PhD

Understanding the state:  An anthropological study of rural Jharkhand, India
Shah, A, PhD


Work and Relatedness in Rural Southwestern China
Hardardottir, S, MPhil

'We Are Not The True People':  Notions of Identity and Otherness among the Ese Ejja of Northern Bolivia
Lepri, I, PhD

The Education of Taiost Priests in Contemporary Shanghai, China
Yang, D-R, PhD

Close to the Fire: History, Power and Morality in a Vietnamese Factory Community
Rosenthal, M, PhD

Identities in conflict: An ethnography of war and the politics of identity in Ethiopia, 1998-2000
Tronvoll, K, PhD

Digesting Modernity: Body, Illness and Medicine in Kolkata (Calcutta)
Ecks, SM, PhD

Steel Lives: Ethnography of Labour in Contemporary Sheffield
Mollona, M, PhD

Law at Work: Law, Labour and Citizenship among West Bank Palestinians
Kelly, TW, PhD

Rebels and Devotees of Jharkhand: Social, Religious and Political Transformation among the Adivasis of Northern India
Verardo, B, PhD

The Production of Ambition: The Making of a Baltic Business Elite
Timm, A, PhD

Governing Morals: State, Marriage and Household amongst the Gaddis of North India
Kapila, K, PhD


The Keita Project: An Anthropological Study of International Development Discourses and Practices in Niger
Rossi, B, PhD

Divisive visions: A Study of Minority Identities among Turkish-Speakers in Komotini, Northern Greece
Demetriou, O, PhD

Benelong's Haven: An Anthropological Study of an Australian Aboriginal Rehabilitation Centre
Chenhall, RD, PhD

Social Mobility in a Chamar Community in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Northern India
Ciotti, M, PhD 

Sons of Krishna: the Politics of Yadau Community Formation in a North Indian Town
Michelutti, L, PhD

The Search for Knowledge among the Seventh-Day Adventists in the area of Maroantsetra, Madagascar
Keller, ES, PhD

Bangladeshi Family Life in Bethnal Green
Pollen, R, PhD

From Local Tensions to Ethnic Conflict: The Emergence of Hindu Nationalism in a Christian/Hindu 'Tribal' Community in Chhattisgarh, Central India
Froerer, P, PhD

Forest Hunter-Gatherers and their World:  A Study of the Mbendjele Yaka Pygmies of Congo-Brazzaville and their Secular and Religious Activities and Representations
Lewis, JD, PhD

A Way Back to Aztlan: Sixteenth Century Hispanic-Nahuatl Transculturation and the Construction of the New Mexico
Levin-Rojo, D, PhD


Knowledge, Education and Social Differentiation Amongst the Betsileo of Fisakana, Highland Madagascar
Freeman, LE, PhD

Coping with Marginality: The Bunun in Contemporary Taiwan
Yang, S-Y, PhD

The Art of Mexican Cooking: Culinary Agency and Social Dynamics in Milpa Alta, Mexico
Adapon, LJ, PhD

Merchants, 'Saints', and Sailors: The Social Production of Islamic Reform in a Port Town of Western India
Simpson, EL, PhD

Maori and Pakeha - the Quest for Identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Kaustrater, M, PhD

Between Places: Aboriginal Decentralisation, Mobility and Territoriality in the Region of Coen, Cape York Peninsula (Queensland, Australia)
Smith, BR, PhD

Places, Paths and Persons: The Landscape of Kinship and History in Southern Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia
Allerton,C, PhD


Daughters Who Do Not Speak, Mothers Who Do Not Listen.  Erotic Relationships Among Women in Contemporary Greece
Kantsa, V., PhD

Traders and Livelihood Strategies in Post Conflict Zambezia Province, Mozambique
Bowen, N., PhD

Tradition, Christianity, and the State in Understanding of Sickness and Healing in South Nias, Indonesia
Peake, E., PhD

Life after Loss: an Anthropological Study of Post-War Recovery, Teso, East Uganda, with Special Reference to Young People
De Berry, J., PhD

European Images of India Before the Rise of Orientalism in the Late Eighteenth Century
Matsukawa, K., MPhil

Ethnicity and Individuality: Irish Migrants in London, 1980s-1990s
Kells, M., PhD

Carnival Performance and Folk Aesthetics in a French-Pyrenean Basque Valley in the Twentieth Century: an Anthropological Study
De Larrinoa, P., PhD

Living With Each Other: Selves and Alters amongst the Panara of Central Brazil
Ewart, E., PhD

Some Fundamental Organising Concepts in a Greek Monastic Community on Mount Athos
Sarris, M., PhD

The Sky Rained with Millet and the Ghosts Wailed in the Night: an Anthropological Study of Chinese Calligraphy
Yen, Y-P., PhD

The UAE in the Era of Affluence: an Anthropological Study of Consumption
Abu Shahab, A. A., PhD

Violence and Shame: Local Constructions of Masculinity in a Sinhala Village
De Silva, J. R., PhD

Women, Work and the Family: Changes in Gender Relations, Employment and the Family in Belgrade
Kekic, R., PhD



Warfare and Fertility: a Study of the Hor (Arbore) of Southern Ethiopia
Tadesse, W. G., PhD

With a View to Marriage: Young Hindu Gujaratis in London
Prinjha, S. B., , PhD

Gender, Citizenship and Reproductive Rights in the Poblaciones of Southern Santiago, Chile
Willmot, C., PhD

Transforming Traditions: the Dynamics of Cultural Variation in the Gamo Highlands, Southwest Ethiopia
Freeman, D. G., PhD

Reproductive Rights and Citizenship: Family Planning in Zimbabwe
Ferguson, C., PhD

T'Ga za Jug - Waiting for Macedonia: the Changing World of Young Female Engineers in the Republic of Macedonia
Thiessen, I., PhD

Women and Gold: Gender and Urbanisation in Contemporary Bengal
Donner, F. H., PhD

The Relationship Between Internally and Externally Generated Violence in an Andean Mastizo Colombian Community
Alvarez, S., PhD

The Nomads of Mykonos: Consuming Discourses of Otherness in a Polysemic Tourist Space
Bousiou, P., PhD

Tamil Warps and Wefts: an Anthropological Study of Urban Weavers in South India
De Neve, G., PhD


Women, Family and Factory Work in Northern Thailand: an Anthropological Study of a Japanese Factory and the Villages of its Workers 
Hirai, K., PhD

Earth-Shakers of Sahafatra: Authority, Fertility, and the Cult of Nature in Southeast Madagascar
Woolley, O. R. M., PhD

The Process of Social Formation on the Island of Rodrigues, Indian Ocean
Gardella, A. M-A., PhD 

Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants in Israel: Living Well and "Becoming Deaf" in the Homeland
Schwarz, T., PhD 

Migrants to Citizens: Changing Orientations among Bangladeshis of Tower Hamlets, London
Gavron, K. S., PhD

Experiencing Socialism: Women's Everyday Life in Havana During Cuba's "Special Period"
Breach, A. L., PhD


Children's Health and Well-Being: an Ethnography of an Upper Egyptian Village
Sholkamy, H., PhD

Cultural Politics: Factionalism and Discord in New Caledonia, 1991-1993
Taylor, M. A., PhD 

Rainmaking, Gender and Power in Ihanzu, Tanzania, 1885-1995
Sanders, D. T., PhD

The Kalbelias of Rajasthan: Jogi Nath Snake Charmers.  An Ethnography of Indian Non-Pastoral Nomads
Robertson, M., PhD

Local Concepts of Development: Women Food Sellers and Fishermen in an Oxfam Programme, Tabora Region, Western Tanzania
Tierney, A., PhD

Confronting Difficulty: a Daycare Unit for Children with Complex Emotional Problems in London
Jones, W. S., PhD

'What Use is Turtle?': Cultural Perceptions of Land, Work and 'Ecologists' in a Greek Farming Community
Theodossopoulos, D., PhD

Witchcraft and the Reproduction of Wealth in Southern Zambia
Kindness, L., PhD


Anonymous exchange relations: assisted conception between ova donors and recipients in the UK
Konrad, M., PhD

Men of Uncertainty: the Social Organisation of Day Labourers in Contemporary Japan
Gill, T. P., PhD

Public Scrutiny, Consciousness and Resistance in an Ecuadorian Highland Village
Canavan, J. E., PhD

The Symbolic Construction of Community Identity of the Akie Hunter-Gatherers of Northern Tanzania
Kaare, B. T. M., PhD

The Impacts of Development and Indigenous Responses Among the Piaroa of the Venezuelan Amazon
Oldham, P. D., PhD

People of the Amazon Floodplain: Kinship, Work and Sharing in a Caboclo Community, Near Obidos, Para, Brazil
Harris, M., PhD

Gender Activism and the Islamic Revival
Maumoon, D., MPhil

The Institutional Apprenticeship of Medical Students in a London Medical School
Sinclair, S. K., PhD

The Hard People: a Structuralist Account of Community and Identities in Alpine Valley
Heady, P. J., PhD

Place, Person, and Ancestry Among the Temanambondro of Southeast Madagascar
Thomas, P., PhD

Consumption and Urban Space in Post-Soviet Moscow
Perrotta, L. M., PhD

Kinship and Gender as Political Processes Among the Miskitu of Eastern Nicaragua
Jamieson, M. A., PhD


The Elite of the Maldives: Socio-Political Organisation and Change
Colton, E. O., PhD

Producing Beer: Agricultural Livelihoods and Commodities in Serenje, Zambia
Long, S. A., PhD

Pagar Uma Promessa: an Anthropological Study of the Catholic Pilgrimage to Fatima
Yel, A. M., PhD

Sacred Grove (Kaavu): Ancestral Land of "Landless Agricultural Labourers" in Kerala, India
Uchiyamada, Y., PhD

Religious Processions, Folklore and Parody: Holy Week in Leon, Spain
Tate, M. E., PhD

Auctioning the Dreams: Economy, Community and Philanthropy in a North Indian City
Smedley, R. G., MPhil

Gender, Exchange and Person in a Fishing Community in Kerala, South India
Busby, C. J., PhD

Body, Names and Movement: Images of Identity Among the Yolngu of North East Arnhem Land
Tamisari, F., PhD

Poverty and the Urban Labour Market: and Anthropological Study of a Peripheral Slum in Cairo
Landor, J., PhD 


The Social Relationships of Changing Hai//om Hunter-Gatherers in Northern Namibia, 1990-1994
Widlok, T., PhD

Kinship and Politics in a Midwestern University City 
Economou, L., PhD

Friendship Among Some Young English Men and Women Residents in London 1991-92
Rezende, C., PhD 


The Politics of Pacha: the Conflict of Values in a Bolivian Aymara Community
Canessa, A., PhD

Caste, Class, Power and Social Mobility in Kerala, India
Osella, F., PhD

Making Hierarchy Natural: the Cultural Construction of Gender and Maturity in Kerala, India
Osella, C., PhD

Violent Memories: Quiche War Widows in North West Highland Guatemala
Zur, J., PhD

Inside and Outside: Conceptual Continuities from Household to Region in Kumaon, North India
Moller, J., PhD

The Construction of 'Christianity' and the Perpetuation of 'Tradition' Among the Catholic Pogoro of Southern Tanzania
Green, M., PhD

Kinship, Marriage and Womanhood among the Nakarattars of South India
Nishimura, Y., PhD

Islam, Women and Modernity
Abu-Shebab, A. A., MPhil

Eating the Seed: the Use of Foods in the Structuring and Reproduction of Social Relations in a Nepali Chhetri Community
Rutter, D. E., PhD


Social Transformations and the Impact of Formal Schooling on the Huaorani of Ecuador
Rival, L., PhD

Italian Immigrants in Contemporary Buenos Aires: their Responses to Changing Political, Economic and Social Circumstances
Schneider, A., PhD

An Anthropological Account of Islamic Holy Men in Bangladesh
Landell Mills, S., PhD

Gender, Commensality and Community Among the Airo-Pai of West Amazonia (Secoya, Western-Tukanoan speaking)
Belaunde, E., PhD

Depopulation, Tourism and "Village Revival" in Wakayama, Japan
Knight, J., PhD

Catholicism, Spirit Mediums and the Ideal of Beauty in Bicolano Community, Philippines
Cannell, F., PhD


Descent and Religious Knowledge: 'Houses of Learning' in Modern San'a, Yemen Arab Republic
Vom Bruck, G., PhD

Social Change, Religion and Spirit Possession: the Tumbara Cult of the Sudan
Makris, G., PhD

The Position and Role of Women in Burmese Buddhism: a Case Study of Buddhist Nuns in Burma
Kawanami, H., PhD

Gender, Religion and the Person: the "Negotiation" of Muslim Identity in rural Bosnia
Bringa, T., PhD 

Rice, Work and Community Among the Kelabit of Sarawak, East Malaysia
Janowski, M. R., PhD 

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Rank among the Swazi of the Protectorate
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Primitive Agriculture
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Culture and Neurosis
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The Maintenance of Order in Oceania
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A Sociological Study of Leadership in Primitive Society
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Economic Organisation of Polynesian Societies
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