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PfAL news and opportunities

PfAL News and opportunities

PfAL has been an inspiring forum to challenge myself and other enthusiastic young Africans to learn from each other.

The Programme for African Leadership is an extra-curricular programme focused on leadership development and networking, available exclusively to graduate students of African nationality currently studying at the School.

Job Opp. PfAL Website Updates

Work Opportunity at FLIA 

We are looking for a PfAL Officer!

The PfAL Programme Officer will support the PfAL Senior Programme Manager in co-ordinating the programme’s wide range of operational and developmental activities, with a focus on programme administration, communications, community engagement and student support. A key aspect of this role will involve cultivating positive relationships with stakeholders such as students, alumni, donors, and faculty, ensuring a high quality of service at all times.

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Unleash Africa

Bridging Continents and Cultivating Change: A Story of Global Education Initiatives 

In a remarkable confluence of international education advocacy, the recently concluded British Council Going Global Conference in Edinburgh served as a catalyst for initiatives that transcend borders, linking the realms of student mobility, youth-led innovation, and the future of education in Africa.

This interconnected narrative reflects a powerful synergy between global education conferences, youth-led initiatives, and the mission of the Programme for African Leadership, highlighting the collaborative efforts needed to shape a future where education is a catalyst for positive change across continents. 

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Advancing Health Equity in Africa

The Health Policy Brief on Advancing Health Equity In Africa Through Intersectional Collaboration has just been released. The policy brief was co-authored by recent PfAL Alumni and MSc Global Health Policy graduates, Elmer Aluge and Dr. Chris Agape.

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The Ultimate Chevening Guide 200 x 300

The Ultimate Chevening Guide

Are you a prospective student seeking scholarship opportunities to come to the LSE? Applications for The Chevening scholarship are currently open for the 2024/2025 session for young leaders and change makers across the globe. To accelerate your journey, download this guide by Chris Agape  Ajah, current PFAL intern, Chevening scholar and graduate MSc Health Policy Planning and Financing. 

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Ubuntu Cafe Website

Ubuntu Cafe

To celebrate Black History Month we held an Ubuntu Cafe a celebration of African culture, diversity, and heritage. The theme for this edition is Roots, Bridges, and Echoes: Reclaiming our Stories. It was an evening with amazing performances including spoken word, storytelling, music, and the book launch of “Conversations from Last Night” by PfAL alumna Victory Osas. 

Read the reflections on Ubuntu Cafe                        by S. Su’eddie-Vershima Agema

PfAL Literary Competition (new)

Literary Competition: Tell Your Story

FLIA invites you to participate in the first Black History Month literary competition open to writers and aspiring writers in the UK including students, professionals, and senior citizens. Entries should be in fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry allowing you to express your thoughts in engaging ways that show the beauty of your varied experiences.  

We invite you to inspire us through your unique narrative looking at the diasporan and other realities in prose or poetry reflecting your lived realities in the UK. 

The theme for this year is Roots, Bridges and Echoes: Reclaiming our Stories.

Deadline: 31 October midnight. 

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PfAL Malik

In memory of Abdul-Malik Chantimah Abdul-Latif

On 31st August 2023, PfAL lost one of its own. Abdul - Malik Abdul - Latif was a 2020 PfAL alum whose passion for serving his community was evident in his words and actions.

Condolences page

PfAL in memory of Abdul-Malik

PfAL Newsletter

A Year in Review PfAL12 Recap! 

What a year! And what an amazing cohort the PfAL 12 has been! With the skills learnt, and social and academic networks built, there is no doubt this set of changemakers are ready to take on the world and create solutions, policies, and initiatives that would provide transformational impact to the continent and the global stage. We look forward to watching this promising and amazing future unfold. 

Take a look into the highlights of PfAL 12!

Job Opp. PfAL Website Updates

Work Opportunity at FLIA 

We are looking for a Research Grants Officer. 

The research grants officer role is a vital part of supporting the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa’s research programme. The research grants officer role acts as the first point of contact for the research programme at the Institute and coordinates the smooth running of the research projects focused on the African continent.

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3 news PfAL Website Updates

PfAL students' consultancy project report published

A report from students who are part of the PfAL 12 cohort, 'Uganda’s Secondary School Education and its Contribution to HIV/AIDS Outcomes' has just been released. The report was written by MSc International Development Management students, E. Blackburn, M. Sieroka, N. Whelpton and D. Yeromenko.

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4 news PfAL Website Updates

New Blog Series: Through your Eyes 

Africa at LSE, one of the leading blogs at LSE invites contributions to the new blog series - Through your Eyes.

The series encourages current or former PfAL students who are emerging African writers, interested in African affairs, to share their lived experiences of key political events and current topics.

The series seeks submissions in politics, current affairs, development and humanitarianism, environment and climate change, arts and culture, and any other local, regional, or global issues connected to the social sciences and/or the African continent. 


Meet Firoz Lalji: Founder of PfAL

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