Look After Yourself

Life can bring unexpected challenges throughout the years, and mental and emotional health is no exception


The Student Wellbeing Service offers support and advice to students, and includes expert counsellors, disability advisers and mental health advisers within its confidential service. Students may phone or email to make an appointment, and there are daily drop in appointments available each day at 3pm, as set out on the website. It may be best to try to make an appointment in advance, if possible. Some students may also wish to access the LSE Peer Support Scheme, which is mainly based in the residences. There is a separate and confidential Staff Counselling Service available as well, run separately from the other parts of SWS.

Useful Links for Students

Mental Health Advice

LSE is positive about mental health and recognises that some students have experienced significant barriers to study at points in their academic career, some of which relate to mental health concerns. For more information please click here.


The LSE Student Counselling Service offer a number of 20 minutes Indivdual Counselling drop-in sessions each day. There is no need to make an appointment, as sessions are filled on a first come basis. For more information please click here.

Individual Counselling by the students counselling service

Many people sort out problems by talking to friends, family or LSE staff. Others may looking up information about things that concern them - you can read our self-help guide for example. But there are times when this isn't enough and it makes sense to come to the Counselling Service. For more information please click here.

Student wellbeing services

The Student Wellbeing Service is a collection of services dedicated to helping you improve your wellbeing whilst studying at LSE. For more information please click here.

Faith Centre

The Faith Centre recognises that for many students on campus, practising faith and spirituality is an integral part of being well and keeping life in balance. Regardless of your faith and belief, taking time away from the noise of campus to pause, tune in or pray is becoming increasingly important.

The Faith Centre provides reflective spaces and serves as wellbeing hub, hosting a range of activities including Mindfulness, Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Tai Chi. More information on class details can be found on our Wellbeing pages. The Cave in the Faith Centre is available to all LSE staff and students who need a quiet place on campus for reflection or prayer. This space cannot be booked but is open to all throughout the week. The Faith Centre has a team of associate chaplains available to speak confidentially on any issue arising during your time at the LSE regardless of faith or belief. The Faith Centre Director and Chaplain to the LSE, Revd Dr James Walters, can be contacted on


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