Process for requesting a class change

The Department of Accounting will only approve class changes in exceptional circumstances. Below is a guide, which we hope, provides useful information for you to consider when submitting a class change request via LSE for You. Please bear in mind that you are expected to be available to study at LSE on a full-time basis. Please also note we coordinate a large number of classes and even if your class change request is feasible, sometimes we cannot approve your first choice due to a variety of reasons, for example, class space constraints.  

Examples of valid reasons of which documentation of evidence will be required are:

  • Compulsory religious obligations and religious observance
  • Recurring medical appointments
  • Responsibilities as a parent or carer
  • Commitments to an employment already entered into before class groups are published, and which cannot be easily altered (please consider carefully the implications of outside work on your study before accepting any part-time employment, and part-time employment should mainly be undertaken during the weekends)
  • Students who have a very full-day of teaching in one day (more than 6 or 7 hours)

Examples of non-valid reasons for which approval would not be granted:

  • Class times
  • Music/dancing/language/other outside lessons
  • Private tutoring, if you would like to tutor, please arrange around your LSE timetable
  • Sports activities, team captains can request a change (documentary evidence will be required) but for other sports/gym classes, please re-arrange
  • Students who commute long distances to the school and/or time of travel
  • Teacher preference
  • Weekend travel

We need to keep class sizes comparable with one another, and it is a challenging task. Moving a student to another class creates a huge knock-on effect for both the Department as well as other departments at LSE. We therefore will only support a class change request in exceptional circumstances.