Brian Singleton-Green

Visiting Professor in Practice

Department of Accounting

About me

Former Corporate Reporting Manager, ICAEW

Research interests

  • The impact of accounting research
  • The effects of accounting standards
  • Measurement in financial reporting

Recent publications

  •  Financial reporting disclosures: market and regulatory failures (ICAEW, 2013)
  • ‘Should financial reporting reflect firms’ business models? What accounting can learn from the economic theory of the firm’, Journal of Management and Governance (2014)
  • The effects of mandatory IFRS adoption in the EU: a review of empirical research (ICAEW, 2015)
  • SME accounting requirements: basing policy on evidence (ICAEW, 2015)
  • ‘Public policy and accounting research: what is to be done?’, Accounting in Europe (2015)
  • Long-term investment and accounting: overcoming short-term bias (ICAEW, 2016)
  • Incentives and institutions in accounting: thinking beyond standards (ICAEW, 2016)