Professor Alnoor Bhimani

Speaks at the Manufacturing and Service Accounting Research (MSAR) Conference on How Digitalization is Disrupting Accounting

Professor Bhimani delivered a plenary address at the MSAR conference on 30 June 2021.  He spoke about changes in management accounting associated with technological advances during the 1970 – 2000 period noting that the evolution of digital technologies from 2000 onwards, and especially over the past five year, far exceeds the impact of the earlier period of change.  This is because this evolution is coupled with demographic alterations in the population mix, Easternization, emerging work values that new generation of the workforce exhibits and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Professor Bhimani also discussed the types of changes we will see in accounting work and financial management practices. He explained that data growth feeds on technology deployment such as IoT, blockchains, AI and robots which further generate more data.  This affects the rate at which organisations learn and widens the remit of accountants to alter the presentation format and content of accounting information.  It also increases their need to understand data regulatory issues and governance modalities.   Professor Bhimani also highlighted the emerging accounting research avenues scholars can take to explore how machine learning and deep learning alongside other technologies present opportunities for pursuing novel investigatory questions and identifying alternate methodological approaches to those traditionally used.    Other speakers at the conference included Professors Tim Baines (Aston Business School), Jan Mouritsen (Copenhagen Business School) and Christopher Ittner (Wharton),