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New Accounting Appointments for the new academic year

This academic year we welcome Dr Jeroen Koenraadt who joined the Department as an Assistant Professor of Accounting, and Dr Michelle van Weeren who is an LSE Fellow. The Department also congratulates Alexander Nezlobin, who has been promoted to Professor of Accounting in the Department, LSE.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Dr Jeroen Koenraadt completed his master’s degree and his PhD at the Erasmus Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interests includes market participants’ use of financial information, how regulation shapes financial information, and how information intermediaries analyse and disseminate information to level the playing field among investors. His forthcoming research article 'What you don’t know won’t hurt you’: Market Monitoring and Supervisors’ Preference for Private Information shortly be published in Journal of Banking and Finance. Jeroen will be teaching on the Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting course (AC331) this academic year which is part of the Department's undergraduate programme.

Michelle van Weeren, also from the Netherlands, recently completed her PhD in accounting on how analysts integrate financial and extra-financial (environmental, social, governance) analysis at Paris Dauphine University for Business and Management. She previously studied in cultural and sustainability management in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin and worked for three years as a sustainability analyst before returning to the academic world. 

Alongside our new appointments, the Department congratulates Alexander Nezlobin who has been promoted to Professor of Accounting at LSE. Since joining the Department in 2019, Alexander continues to be a leading academic in the fields of mechanism design; market microstructure; equity valuation; managerial performance measurement; investment models and real options; disclosure and the cost of capital; profitability analysis; and monopoly regulation. His most recent research article Incentivizing Irreversible Investment with Dmitry Livdan was published this year in The Accounting Review.