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CARR Research 2010-2013

During the period 2010-2013, CARR's research continued to be shaped and organised by three broad overlapping themes which defined spaces for problem definition and investigation:

  • Operational Risk and Resilience

    This theme focuses on the practice of risk management, whether this be within commercial organisations, the public sector, regulatory bodies or transnational organisations. It reflects a longstanding CARR interest in the organised nature of risk management knowledge and its expansion into new areas, including the emerging theme of resilience and its applicability to trans-organisational conceptions of critical infrastructure.    

  • Risk Governance

    This theme continues a core CARR interest in the comparative analysis of regulatory architecture in different institutional settings, including transnational regulatory bodies and networks. The focus is on the many components of practice which make up the 'government of risk' and which span the key areas of policy development, organisational design, standard setting, and enforcement, including inspection and auditing. 

  • Regulation and Markets

    This new theme addresses the organisational and institutional interfaces between regulation and markets. It focuses on how regulation and markets are mediated by specific practices and constitute one another. CARR will focus on why specific assumptions about markets, systems and agents come to be embedded in regulatory practice, and will also analyse the role of 'regulatory orders' in making markets possible.