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Research for the world- behavioural science and the city

Behavioural science and the City

Author: Dr Grace Lordan

Research for the World, posted 12 January 2021

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Managing careers in a post covid world

Managing careers in a post-Covid world

Author:Teresa Almeida

TII Blog, posted 8 March 2021

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Black women are missing in the UK’s top 1%

Authors:Teresa Almeida, Erika Brodnock, DrGrace Lordan

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 3 March 2021

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A thin silver lining in a year of uncertainty for professionals with disabilities

Author: Odessa Hamilton

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 16 December 2020

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If firms start measuring the gains of flexible working, women will benefit

Author: Dr Grace Lordan

LSE COVID-19 Blog, posted 15 December 2020

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time of crisis

A Reflection

Author: Richard Nesbitt

TII Blog, posted 14 December 2020

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Disentangling privilege from merit: a crucial step for true inclusion at work

Authors: Cecily Josten, Paris Will

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 3 December 2020

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Hybrid working report

Hybrid working: an LSE dictionary of behavioural biases

Authors: The BE-Inclusive Group, Teresa Almeida, Paris Will, Grace Lordan

LSE COVID-19 Blog, posted 1 December 2020

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Diversity and inclusion: it’s a numbers game, but not the one most people think

Author: Frederick Herbert

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 20 November 2020

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The enemy within: the isolated B in BAME

Author: Odessa Hamilton

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 29 October 2020

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Not all data is created equal: the promise and peril of algorithms for inclusion at work

Author: Teresa Almeida

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 21 October 2020

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cyclical relationship

The cyclical relationship between innovation and inclusion in the workplace

Author: Paris Will

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 14 October 2020

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blank canvas- 200x200

You can't be what you can't see! How can we increase diversity in Behavioral Science?

Author: Cerita Bethea

TII Blog, posted 14 July 2020

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Moving from cheap talk to action: the case of diversity and inclusion

Authors: Teresa Almeida, Dr Grace Lordan

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 30 June 2020

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How behavioural science can help firms navigate the 'new normal'

Authors: Teresa Almeida, Dr Grace Lordan

LSE COVID-19 Blog, posted 9 June 2020

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COVID-19 makes inclusion a strategic imperative for companies and investors

Author: Lutfey Siddiqi

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 9 June 2020

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On being human: how behavioural science can help virtual working

Authors: Teresa Almeida, Dr Grace Lordan 

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 4 June 2020

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People versus Machines: Automation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Labour Force

Authors: Dr Grace Lordan, Cecily Josten

TII Blog, posted 28 May 2020

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How employers can decide whom to bring back to work first

Authors: Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Grace Lordan

LSE COVID-19 Blog, posted 18 May 2020

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Five behavioural science lessons for managing virtual team meetings

Authors: Rachel Jaffe, Dr Grace Lordan

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 18 May 2020

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relevance of inclusion in the city

Relevance of Inclusion in the City in the midst of a global pandemic

Author: Karina Robinson

TII Blog, posted 14 May 2020

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time of crisis

Inclusion is Critical in a Time of Crisis: Gathering Viewpoints from Leaders in Finance

Author: Richard Nesbitt

TII Blog, posted 7 May 2020

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COVID-19: overcoming obstacles to virtual inclusion for City of London workers

Author: Dr Grace Lordan

LSE Business Review Blog, posted 5 May 2020

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Media Coverage

94% of men and 93% of women working in financial services state their job can be done via flexible working
City AM, 24 November, 2020
Read here

Remote Working Shift Offers Silver Lining for Finance Gender Gap
Bloomberg, 23 November 2020
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Why do we pay so many people so little money?
New York Times, 24 June 2020
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Remote working could amplify exclusive behaviors, 'bro culture' in finance
S&P Global Market Intelligence, 16 June 2020
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How to make your virtual teams work better, according to behavioural science Spoon Agency, 8 June 2020
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Coronavirus crisis to test banks' gender balance efforts, could halt progress
S&P Global Market Intelligence, 20 April 2020
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Inclusion in The City: Setting the Diversity Agenda?
The International Banker, Spring 2020, article on p.8 by Dr Grace LordanRead here



human risk podcast

Privilege & Cognitive Diversity

The Human Risk podcast. episode 60

What is Privilege? It's a word that's being used very frequently, but what is it, why is it undesirable and what can we do about it? Dr Grace Lordan helps answer these questions, also exploring Cognitive Diversity: what is it and why does it matter?

Listen to the podcast here


human risk podcast

Inclusion in the workplace

The Human Risk podcast, episode 45

In this episode, Dr Grace Lordan talks about inclusion in the workplace (recorded before organisations started to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but still relevant even now).

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Building resilience within work through Behavioural Science

Divercity podcast, series eight, episode 1

In this episode, host Julia Streets is joined by Dr Grace Lordan and Richard Nesbitt. They discuss how financial services is evolving through the use of technology, how emerging talent can build resilience in the working environment, the importance of inclusion at key stages of education, building inclusion into the policy and culture of the workplace, and navigating through toxic cultures.

Listen to the podcast here


LSE IQ Podcast

Is gender equality possible?

LSE IQ podcast, episode 25

This episode features LSE's Professor Sarah-Banet-Weiser,
Dr Grace Lordan and Dr Shani Orgad, who examine issues of gender inequality in our culture, work and home lives. 

Listen to the podcast here




shaping the post covid world

Let's Talk Careers in a Post-COVID World

Hosted by the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science  on 16 February 2021

Speakers: Dorie Clark, Dowshan Humzah, Proffessor Connson Locke, Simon Ong, Helen Tupper
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

The impacts of COVID-19 on career prospects will differ across individuals. In this session we discuss the groups of people who have advanced and those who have been left behind during the pandemic, along with discussing how those who have been left behind can adapt in a post pandemic world.

Watch the video here


Paul Dolan

A Decade of Behavioural Science at LSE

Event Hosted by the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science on 20 January 2021

Speaker: Professor Paul Dolan
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

Paul Dolan reflects on ten years of behavioural science at LSE, discussing biases, narratives, happiness, resilience and more. We summarise the learnings from behavioural science in the last 10 years, drawing from research from LSE and beyond. We also  look to the future, mapping out the most important and exciting areas of study. 

Watch the video here



WIBF opens London’s markets on 26th November 2020 to share Part 1: Changing the Narrative findings

Hear more from Elise Badoy, WIBF’s Head of Research, and a panel of distinguished speakers including David Schwimmer, CEO LSEG and Dr Grace Lordan.

Watch the video here


shaping the post covid world

The Value of Inclusion for a Post-COVID-19 World

Event Hosted by the Inclusion Initiative and the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science on 25 November 2020

Speakers: Ann Cairns, Ruth Cairnie, Wanda Hope, Lance Uggla, Nate Yohannes
Chair: Dr Grace Lordan

The impacts of COVID-19 within firms include cost-cutting, a move towards virtual working for many workers and the pivoting of business objectives. These impacts of COVID-19 have the potential to erode the gains to inclusive culture that have been made within many firms over the last decade as focus is placed elsewhere. This is at a time when the benefits to having an inclusive culture have never been more needed. In this webinar we bring insights from the academic literature to a panel of diverse leaders and ask them what these insights mean for them in practice.

Watch the video here


risk landscape

Risk Landscape: Review 2020 & Preview 2021

Hosted by Systematic Risk Centre and NUS Risk Management Institute on 23 November 2020

Speakers: Jon Danielsson (SRC/LSE), Peter Giger (Zurich Insurance), Mohit Joshi (Infosys), Grace Lordan (LSE Inclusion Initiative), Sneha Sanghvi (Westpac Banking Corporation)
Chair: Lutfey Siddiqi (LSE & NUS RMI)

Featuring C-suite and senior risk practitioners along with LSE’s Jon Danielsson and Grace Lordan, this panel will take stock of the risk management challenges of 2020 and lessons learnt for the future. Are we framing and approaching risk in the right manner? What has worked and what has not in 2020? What are the practical challenges where the rubber hits the road, and what can academia help with?

Watch the video here


shaping the post covid world

Behavioural Science and a Post-COVID World 

LSE online event on 4 November 2020

Professor Simon Hix chaired a discussion with Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Nick Chater, Dr Grace Lordan, Professor Tali Sharot and Rori Sutherland on the key behavioural insights we can learn from COVID-19 policy responses, and how these could shape future ones for the LSE Shaping the post-Covid World initiative.

Watch the video here


WorkPride session

Executive Allies

WorkPride Global conference 2020 by mygwork- panel session on 23 June 2020

This session explores the role of Executives in building a strong culture of inclusivity through allyship. 

Moderator: Jane Hill
Speakers: Antonia Belcher, Deon Pillay, Tim Bardell, Dr Grace Lordan     

Watch the video here            



Diversity & Behavioural Science- Why are we so WEIRD?

Nudgestock Global 2020- streamed live on 12 June 2020,
hour 11

Speakers: Cerita Bethea, Dr Grace Lordan, Neela Saldanha.

Timestamp: 3:03:43

Watch the video here



Global Trends & City Effects - What This Means For Boards

Financial Services Club Webinar on 9 June 2020

Covid-19 and its economic effects are not going away anytime soon. They will reconfigure our system, ranging from geopolitical relations to the power of national governments, from company accounts to working patterns. Karina Robinson analyses the new paradigm and figures out what this means for the City and Boards Of Directors.

Watch the video here

Read the related blog here


Behavioural Science online event 13 May 2020

Behavioural Science in the Context of Great Uncertainty

LSE online event on 13 May 2020

What lessons can we learn from behavioural science about how we act in a time of crisis characterised by great uncertainty?

Speakers: Professor Nick Chater, Professor Liam Delaney, Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Ulrike Hahn, Dr Grace Lordan

Watch the video here


lse festival event

Using Behavioural Science for Inclusion in the City

Event hosted by LSE Festival: Shape the World on 5 March 2020

A panel discussion on ‘Inclusion in the City’, a report that gives practical insights from behavioural science research to the problems and solutions posed by people who understand the financial and services industry the best: its own talent. 

This event also announced The Inclusion Initiative at LSE.

Speakers:Dr Grace Lordan, Karina Robinson, Brenda Trenowden, Irshaad Ahmad, Richard Nesbitt, Teresa Parker

Watch the video here


2035 predictions

Automation of low skills jobs

Ahead of the LSE Festival: Shape the World, Dr Grace Lordan talked about her worst-case scenario for a new world order in 2035.

Watch the video here


working together

Working together; an interdisciplinary approach to organisational culture

Event hosted by Banking Standards Board (BSB), Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) and London School of Economics (LSE) on 14 January 2020

The panel discussion explored the role of behavioural science in improving organisational culture within financial services firms, bringing together academics with senior leaders in finance and financial regulation to discuss how behavioural science can be applied within financial services to the benefit of the sector’s clients, customers and society as a whole.

Speakers: Dame Susan Rice (BSB Chair), John C. Williams (FRBNY President and CEO)

Panel: Grace Lordan, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE, Celia Moore, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Strategy at Imperial, Martin Oehmke, Professor of Finance at LSE, Tom Reader, Associate Professor of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE, Edmund Schuster, Associate Professor of Corporate Law at LSE.

Watch the video here