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The Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

From the world to the lab and back again

We place practical, policy contexts at the core of our research and teaching

Our department conducts research and teaching into human psychology and behaviour.

What began over 50 years ago as a group of researchers studying psychology and society has expanded to become the focal point of psychological and behavioural science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. We are now home to a truly interdisciplinary faculty and research team, spanning research areas from social psychology to behavioural economics, political psychology to organisational culture, consumer behaviour to public engagement, and community development to global health, happiness and well-being.

Our clear and determined focus on real world issues sets our department, and LSE, apart. This focus enables us to conduct research that is not only theoretically well-informed, but also firmly rooted in questions from beyond the ivory tower, producing results that impact policy, business, and society at large. Our research and teaching is connected to what is happening in the world today, and our students, from all over the world, help shape our direction and provide constant inspiration.

By maintaining a focus on real world questions and societal impact, our department has been leading the way on innovative research techniques in the field, the lab, and everywhere in between.

So, whether you want to study, research or teach, you will find a diverse team of faculty and students in our department, determined to make change (and to debate that change).


Hilde Himmelwiet, Robert Farr, and George Gaskell among others founded the first department of social psychologists at the LSE in 1964.