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Black women are least likely to be among UK’s top earners

Black women are the least likely to be among the UK’s top earners compared to any other racial or gender group, according to a new LSE report.

Researchers from LSE’s The Inclusion Initiative (TII) analysed pay over the past 17 years to establish who is among the top 1 per cent, 10 per cent and 20 per cent of earners.

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Hybrid working report

Hybrid working: new dictionary of behavioural biases

A new LSE report, published by The Inclusion Initiative, explores the behavioural biases that might impact inclusivity in hybrid working. It is intended to help organisations prepare for the post-COVID "new normal" where some workers will work on site and others from home. 

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Dr Grace Lordan appointed to government skills and productivity board

Dr Grace Lordan, Director of The Inclusion Initiative, LSE has been appointed to the Department for Education’s skills and productivity board.

Dr Lordan will be part of the newly created six-person board to provide advice on how courses and qualifications should reflect the skills needed for the post-COVID-19 economy.

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Erika Brodnock

Research news

Erika Brodnock is a PhD candidate and Research Officer at LSE TII, where she will be leading research that aims to understand and diversify access to venture capital and innovation finance for ethnically diverse entrepreneurs. Erika is an MBA and multi-award winning entrepreneur with a track record in creating and in building products and services that disrupt and spearhead a path out of outdated systems. Her recent industry report ‘Diversity Beyond Gender’ highlights that Black founders received just 0.24% of venture funding and female founders only 11% of venture funding in the last ten years.



COVID-19 and the City

35 CEOs and other senior leaders in financial and professional services in the City of London have taken part in LSE research led by Dr Grace Lordan, to identify obstacles and best practice for managing a team virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Using Behavioural Science for Inclusion in the City

On the 5th March 2020, the LSE Festival: Shape the World event 'Using Behavioural Science for Inclusion in the City' announced The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at LSE.  

Dr Grace Lordan and Karina Robinson discussed inclusivity in financial and professional services and how they will bring insights from behavioural science research to look directly at the problems and solutions posed by people who understand the finance industry.

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