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What I remember most about my time at LSE, PBS faculty who are passionate about teaching, and classmates who collaborate together to learn.

Andre Kung

Your global PBS network

With alumni across the world and working in different fields of expertise, the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science provides a life-long opportunity to connect with like-minded peers. 

The department Alumni Relations Officer is Carl Goodwin.  Carl is your contact point if you have any questions regarding departmental alumni activities, alumni events and access to the closed LinkedIn group (see further on page).

This role is part time and Carl is currently in the office on Monday and Tuesday.

Ways to Get involved

Share your stories

We'd love to hear from you, share your stories and your recent personal activity, research, publications so that you can share with fellow alumni and our current student body.  How did studying at the LSE and your department help you and what you're doing now?  Do you have a really great memory, a particular lecture, someone in your cohort or the department that really added a light to your study here?  We'd love to hear that from you.

Have you published a paper,  written a book or participated in research that would benefit the alumni community?    Please share this with the group here, we would love to hear from you.

We're also looking for participants to volunteer in a short video interview, how your degree has helped you with your life now, what are the things you remember about your studies at LSE and what you're doing now.

Please contact Carl directly at

Alumni News

If you would like to have an article published in our quarterley newsletter of your event of publication please contact us. Photographs are very helpful fi you have them available.

If you missed out on our previous newsletter our newsletter archive for June 2019 is available here.

NEW - Digital Mentoring Scheme

We would like your support to provide guidance, help and additional insights beyond a masters degree to our current MSc students.  This is a new mentoring scheme for the academic year 2019/20. 

The scheme is designed to pair an alumni with a current MSc student(s) maximum 2.  The relationship is voluntary for both the mentor and mentee and guidance provided througout the year.  Guidance sessions should be approximately 1 hour per month by email, Skype or telephone.

The relationship is intended to last for 1 academic year but can continue if beneficial to and in agreement by both parties. 

Sound interesting?  Would you like to have an opportunity to give back to the LSE community? To express your interest please complete the form below.

Digital Mentorship Scheme

Register your interest

Would you like to mentor a current MSc student?

  • Name
  • Address
  • I am interested in mentoring a student in;
  • The degree I completed at LSE is;
  • PBS will use the information above to process your application for mentoring and match you based on the information you have provided. We require this data for contractual reasons. You can ask the School to stop processing your application by contacting The data does not leave the UK/EU. Further information on how the School manages personal data can be found on the website.


LinkedIn group

Our LinkedIn group page is a closed group for more timely information, posts are welcomed from you for academic achievements beyond your LSE degree, jobs, relevant research etc. 

Don't have access to the group?  Go to LinkedIn and request access, the group administrator will review and approve your request to join. Did you study under a different name?  If so please send a private message advising your name when you completed studies and student ID number if you remember it.

Alumni Benefits

Don't forget as an alumni of LSE you can access benefits such as email for life, by registering you will have access to an email address.  Find out more on this page

Additional benefits include discount on SU shop products, access to the LSE gym, hotel room discounts, dicscounts for food and drink and more.

To access your benefits you will need to have registered for access, you can do so on this page .  If you already have a logon please login here.


We're going to miss you!

We would like to keep in contact with when you have completed your studies.  To subscribe to our Alumni newsletter complete the form below.


Alumni Registration Form

PBS Alumni Registration Form

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