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Doctoral Research Group on Inequality and Social Mobility

Interdisciplinary collaboration for research on inequality and social mobility.

The Doctoral Research Group on Inequality and Social Mobility is an international forum of early stage researchers across different departments at the LSE. The initiative is housed within the International Inequalities Institute and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration on research for inequality and social mobility.

The group’s approach

  • Comprehensive: Understanding social mobility as both: movements across social and economic positions, and sets of beliefs and narratives that shape the discourse around inequality.
  • Pluralist: Integrating insights from various theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches, ranging across different disciplines including Sociology, Economics, Psychology, and Political Science.
  • Comparative: Exploring insights from various settings around the world.


  • Research workshops: Monthly workshops during which early stage researchers present their work in progress, share ideas, and give each other feedback in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.
  • International seminars: We are planning to host quarterly presentations where researchers writing in different languages can discuss their findings.
  • Joint projects: If you are interested in collaborating with us, please reach out via email (



Fiona Gogescu (Founder)
Department of Social Policy
Project title: Educational stratification and education-based meritocracy: A comparative perspective 


Asif Butt (Founder)
Department of Sociology
Project title: Social mobility into elite occupations and micro-class reproduction 


Anthony Miro Born
Department of Sociology | Cities Programme
Project title: Urban Marginality and the Ideal of Social Mobility [tba]


Julia Buzan
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Project title: Decision-Making in Socioecologies of Adversity


Benjamin Brundu-Gonzalez
Department of Sociology 
Project title: Social Divisions in the Halls of Privilege


Malik Fercovic Cerda
Department of Sociology 
Project title: Between success and dislocation: The experience of long-range upward mobility in contemporary Chile