Dr Tahnee  Ooms

Dr Tahnee Ooms

Research Officer

International Inequalities Institute

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CBG 4.10
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Dutch, English, Spanish
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Income, Wealth inequality

About me

My research focusses on how capital incomes feed back into rising overall income and wealth inequality, with a specific focus on the measurement of economic inequality using quantitative methods. One important dimension of my research is to shape and communicate findings in a way so they can be of practical use for policy and the real world. 

My doctoral research, completed at the University of Oxford, has focused on the relationship between capital incomes and inequality. I empirically show that, at present, billions of pounds are falling out of the UK inequality indicators. My contribution has been to propose a method correcting for the underestimation of capital incomes in UK inequality statistics. Introducing the idea that what is not captured by our indicators structurally falls out of the policy debate. In ongoing research, I set out to (1) identify more precisely the channels through which capital incomes fall out of our inequality indicators (2) quantify this effect and (3) highlight the implications for policy.

During the PhD, I have coordinated the Inequality Working Group (IWG) through the Young Scholars Initiative. The working group promotes and facilitates student research in inequality connecting +1.000 inequality scholars across the globe. I have worked as an economist at the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis as part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and held Research Assistant positions at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. 

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Income; Wealth inequality