Shalini Grover

Shalini Grover

Research Officer

International Inequalities Institute

Key Expertise
Care-Domestic Economies, Global Care Chains, Transnationalism, Marriage

About me

I am anthropologist who has been working on gender inequalities for over two decades. My areas of research are marriage, love, kinship, divorce and legal pluralisms in urban India. My 2011 book ('Marriage, Love, Caste and Kinship Support: Lived Experiences of the Urban Poor,' Social Science Press: Delhi) has been published as a new international and revised edition with Routledge (United Kingdom & New York, 2018). Distinct from earlier anthropological texts that primarily examine official marriage norms, my research engages with embodied experience and lived practice. My findings challenge many stereotypes, for example, the notion that gender relations within scheduled caste marriages are egalitarian in nature that women’s ties to their natal kin in north India are severely attenuated upon marriage, and that parentally arranged marriages are more stable than those based upon romantic love.

My recent work examines globalized care-economies and the inequalities that global elite employers reproduce in transnational settings. My interest lies in documenting the care-domestic worker’s wider relationship with global forces, transnationalism, capitalism and colonial legacies. The next manuscript I am preparing (with a focus on India and transnational destinations) addresses shifts in paid domestic labour from 1947 to contemporary times. I am the co-editor for a Special Journal Issue on Care-Domestic Labour, have contributed to the historical volume, 'Servants Past' (Orient Blackswan) and written on race-class entitlements in: ‘Who is an Expatriate in India?’ (Information Age Publishing).

Alongside I have a background in international development and policy, having conducted research for UNIFEM, UNDP, IDS (University of Sussex) and The Commonwealth Secretariat. I have authored the report Gender and Sustainable Consumption: Bridging the Policy Gaps.

Having spent a decade in India after my PhD, I was at the Institute of Economic Growth (University of Delhi) as a Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Anthropology. In addition, I have been a long-term Honorary Fellow (2014 to 2020) at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

My work on marriage and care-domestic labour also features in book reviews, newspaper articles, blogs, and opinion pieces. See

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Expertise Details

Care-Domestic Economies; Global Care Chains; Transnationalism; Marriage