Marion Lieutaud

Marion Lieutaud

Visiting Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

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COL 7.07
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English, French, German
Key Expertise
Sociology, Inequalities, Gender, Migration, Work and Care

About me

Marion Lieutaud is an LSE Fellow in Computational Social Science and a visiting fellow at the International Inequality Institute. She has been awarded an Understanding Society fellowship for 2022-2023. Prior to joining the Department of Methodology, she was part of the LSE department of Sociology where she completed her PhD in August 2021. She was an associated doctoral fellow in the Centre March Bloch in Berlin from 2017 to 2021.

Marion’s current research focuses on gender, inequalities and migration.  She investigates how the gender division of labour and care in migrants’ couples can be connected to the constraints and process of migration trajectories. She also works with Paul Segal (King’s College London) on the links between income inequalities and regimes of care and social reproduction; with Léa Renard (Freie Universität Berlin), on the politics and the challenges of using and developing survey data that works for research on intersectional inequalities; and with Vincent Dubois (Science Po Strasbourg) on quantifying the evolution of how parliamentarians talk about benefit fraud, using computational methods.

Marion’s work is interdisciplinary and draws on a wide range of methodological tools. She specialises in quantitative and computational methods to serve critical analyses of inequalities and gender dynamics. She combines this with interviews and archival work to critically assess data on and quantification of migration.