Dr María-Luisa  Mendez

Dr María-Luisa Mendez

Visiting Senior Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

Key Expertise
social mobility and middle class identity

About me

Associate Professor at the Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Director of the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies (COES), and Principal Researcher at the "Geographies of Conflict and Cohesion" research line at the same centre. Prof. Méndez is also Corresponding Editor of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, IJURR and Senior Visiting Fellow at the International Inequalities Institute, LSE. Prof. Méndez is PhD in Sociology at the University of Manchester, MPhil in Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham and Master in Anthropology and Development at the University of Chile. She is also Principal Researcher of the Fondecyt Project N°1191440, “Cultural Repertoires, Socio-spatial Trajectories and Politics: Fragmentation and Conflict within the Upper Middle Class in Chile”. She is author of Upper Middle Class Social Reproduction (Palgrave, 2019) as well as several papers in journals such as Cities, Urban Studies, City and Community, The Sociological Review, among others. Her research topics include subjective aspects of social mobility and social stratification, place attachment, and urban conflicts.


Selected Books & Book chapters

Méndez, M.L. and Gayo, M. (2019) Upper Middle Class Social Reproduction: Wealth, Schooling, and Residential Choice in Chile. Palgrave Pivot Series, New York.

Angelcos, N., Méndez, M.L. (2017) Struggles against Territorial Disqualification: Mobilization for Dignified Housing and Defense of Heritage in Santiago. In Angotti, T. (Ed) “Urban Latin America: Inequalities and Neoliberal Reforms”. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Selected Journal publications

Méndez, M.L, Otero, G., Link, F., López, M. and Gayo, M. (2020) “Neighbourhood cohesion as a form of privilege”. Urban Studies (accepted) (WOS)

Méndez, M.L., Otero, G. and Perret, V. (2020) Inseguridad percibida en los barrios de Santiago de Chile: la importancia relativa de la cohesión social. Revista Dados, Sao Pablo, Brasil (WOS).

Gayo, M., Otero, G. and Méndez, M.L. (2019). School choice and the selection of families upper middle class reproduction in Santiago de Chile. Revista Internacional de Sociología, Vol 77, No 1 (WOS)

Méndez, M.L. (2018). Neighborhoods as arenas of conflict in the neoliberal city: Practices of boundary making between “us” and “them”. City and Community, Vol 17, Issue 3, pp. 737-753 (WOS).

Méndez, M. L., and Otero, G. (2017). Neighbourhood conflicts, socio-spatial inequalities, and residential -stigmatisation in Santiago, Chile. Cities, Vol 74, pp. 75-82 (WOS).

Méndez, M. L. (2017) “Teoría social y política”. Estudios Públicos N°147 (LatinIndex).

Guzmán, V., Barozet, E. and Méndez, M.L. (2017) “Legitimación y crítica a la desigualdad en Chile: una aproximación pragmática”. Revista Convergencia, 73 (1), 87-112 (WOS).

Angelcos, N., Méndez, M.L. (2017) “Struggles against Territorial Disqualification. Mobilization for Dignified Housing and Defense of Heritage in Santiago”. Latin American Perspectives, 44(3), 100-112. (WOS).