Liz Sayce

Liz Sayce

Visiting Senior Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

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Key Expertise
Disability, Policy, Mental Health

About me

Liz Sayce is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics. She was Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK (and its legacy charity Radar) from 2007-2017, where she led work for equal participation for all, through programmes on independent living, career opportunities and shifts in cultural attitudes and behaviour. Liz is a Trustee of ADD (Action on Disability and Development), Vice Chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee and a member of the Disability Advisory Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. She chaired the Commission for Equality in Mental Health, hosted by the Centre for Mental Health, from 2019-21 and has been a Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission and member of the Healthwatch England Committee.

With a background in mental health and disability policy, previous roles include Director of Policy and Communications at the Disability Rights Commission, where she led formal investigations and a new ‘Disability Agenda’; and Policy Director of Mind. She led an Independent Review into disability employment programmes for Government in 2011 and has published widely on mental health, disability and social participation. She undertook a Harkness Fellowship in the USA resulting in a book (From Psychiatric Patient to Citizen, 2000 – updated in 2016).

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Liz has spoken on inclusive work at events including the Harkin Summit in Washington DC and RSA in London. She has published blogs and briefings on the future of inclusive work, including:   

As the Chair of the Commission for Equality in Mental Health, she has given talks on these significant issues. Read more about this in The British Psychological Society article Leading disability rights advocate to speak at BPS annual conference. She has also published blogs including Designing systems for equality.

Liz is interim Chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee and in that role published a recent blog Applauding our vital public services: delivering essential support during the Coronavirus pandemic.