Dr Kristina Kolbe

Dr Kristina Kolbe

Visiting Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

English, French, German
Key Expertise
Arts, Care, Cultural production, Inequalities, Elites

About me

Kristina is an Assistant Professor in Sociology of Arts and Culture at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) at Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as a Visiting Fellow at the LSE International Inequalities Institute. She joined ESHCC after completing her PhD in Sociology at the LSE and working as a postdoctoral researcher in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Overall, her work explores how intersectional inequalities of race, class and gender are reworked in and through culture, ranging from wider cultural discourses of migration, citizenship and belonging to concrete processes of material culture, media representations, creative labour and cultural production. Her particular research interests lie in the field of music and its relationship to urban multiculture, and in the contingent social effects of on-going diversity and inclusion discourses in the cultural industries, as well as in the relationship between a politics of cultural production and a politics of care. Kristina’s work draws from current debates in sociology, cultural studies, critical race and migration scholarship and is informed by Feminist epistemologies. She has won multiple research grants, including the VENI grant of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) as well as an Early Career Fellowship offered by the Independent Social Research Foundation.