Dr Ingrid Bleynat

Dr Ingrid Bleynat

Visiting Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Multidimensional inequalities, Political economy, History, Latin America

About me

Ingrid Bleynat is Senior Lecturer in International Development at the Department of International Development, King's College London. She joined KCL upon completing her PhD in history at Harvard University, and before that she trained as an economist at the University of Buenos Aires. 

Ingrid’s research focuses on the political economy of Latin America, especially Mexico and Argentina. She has written on the relationship between informality and corruption, and about the long-run relationship between wages, well-being, and inequality. Her book Vendors' Capitalism: A Political Economy of Public Markets in Mexico has been published by Stanford University Press (2021). She is currently working on interdisciplinary approaches to socio-economic inequality. In collaboration with Oxfam Mexico and the magazine Chilango, she implemented a new mixed-methods approach to multidimensional inequality in Mexico City. At present she is researching the link between inequality and social reproduction arrangements in Buenos Aires.

III Working Papers:

Bleynat, Ingrid and Segal, Paul (2021) “Faces of inequality: a mixed methods approach to multidimensional inequalities.” International Inequalities Institute Working Papers, 68. International Inequalities Institute, LSE.  

Bleynat, Ingrid, Challú, Amílcar E. and Segal, Paul (2021) “Inequality, living standards, and growth: two centuries of economic development in Mexico.” International Inequalities Institute Working Papers, 46. International Inequalities Institute, LSE.