Dr Gaby Harris

Dr Gaby Harris

Visiting Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

Key Expertise
Fashion, Consumption, Class, Inequality, ‘Girlhood’

About me

Gaby Harris is a Lecturer in Fashion Cultures at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester Fashion Institute and a Visiting Fellow at the III. Gaby was part of the first cohort of Masters students in the III, and completed her PhD in the Sociology Department at LSE in 2023. 

Gaby’s interests lie in cultural sociology, material culture, and inequality. She is particularly concerned with how relationships of power and inequality manifest in material relationships and consumption practices. Her thesis explored how teenage girls navigate different social relationships through their wardrobe and consumption practices. Her work offers a detailed qualitative analysis of what we can disentangle from girls’ social worlds through the study of fashion, and how it can inform broader sociological concerns. Gaby is also a member of the UK Girls Studies Network.