Dr David Hope

Dr David Hope

Visiting Senior Fellow

International Inequalities Institute

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Comparative Political Economy

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David researches at the intersection of economics and political science. He specialises in comparative political economy and works predominantly on the high-income democracies, such as the Western European countries and the United States. He is interested in the diversity of advanced capitalism and how national institutions, politics and policies can help explain cross-country differences in economic and political outcomes. His current areas of interest include: varieties of capitalism and growth models; the knowledge economy; the effects of technological change on economic and political outcomes; inequality and redistribution; household bargaining; taxation on the rich; and the political economy of macroeconomic policies. He uses a range of research methodologies in his work, including panel data econometrics, causal inference approaches, interviews, and case studies.

David gained his degree in Economics from UCL and his masters in Economics from the LSE. He completed his PhD in Political Science with the Department of Government at the LSE. During his academic studies, David also spent time working as a research officer on Wendy Carlin and David Soskice's Macroeconomics: Institutions, Instability and the Financial System (2015, OUP) and as Economics Editor for the Curriculum in Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE) project.

David left his position as Researcher in the III in 2017, to take up the post as Lecturer in Political Economy in the King’s College London Department of Political Economy, but continues his research as a Visiting Fellow in the Institute.

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Comparative Political Economy