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to new students from the LSE Data Science Institute

"My learning experience with the DSI was invaluable"

2021/22 undergraduate student

Welcome to LSE from the LSE Data Science Institute (DSI). We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the active data science community.

During your time at LSE the DSI is the place to go for all things related to data science, new forms of data and technology.

Many industries are being transformed by advances in data science, from healthcare to finance. The DSI's mission is to bring together expertise in social and data sciences from across LSE and beyond to address these challenges and seize opportunities for global prosperity.

Key contact

Got a question about the DSI? Get in touch with our Teaching Support and Events officer Nathaniel Ocquaye who will be more than happy to help. As a former LSE student, Nathaniel is able to help current students as they start their LSE journey.

Study data science

There are lots of ways to study data science at LSE, including a range of programmes and courses. These equip students, researchers and executives with the skills they need to tackle business, science and social questions from a data perspective.


In addition to opportunities to study, the DSI offers an events programme to give students the chance to benefit from world leading multidisciplinary expertise. These events include seminars, workshops, public lectures and careers networking sessions. 

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New to LSE? You are eligible for a free department-branded LSE hoodie. Show that you are part of our data science community by choosing the DSI hoodie.

Key dates

  • How to study data science at LSE
    Wednesday 21 September, 11:45 - 12:30 in Fawcett House FAW.9.04

    Academics from across LSE will share information on their courses, teaching and training workshops. This will include unique opportunities for students in attendance.

    Sign up by emailing Nathaniel.
  • Data Science Research Lightning Talks
    Wednesday 21 September, 15:00 - 16:30 in Centre Building CBG.1.01

    Discover LSE's world leading data science projects. Academics will present for five minutes on their current work in areas such as health, climate change and politics.

    Sign up by emailing Nathaniel.
  • DSI Launch: Data Science and the Future of Social Science
    Wednesday 21 September, 17:30 - 18:30 in Marshall Building MAR.2.08

    This panel event will officially launch the DSI!

    Experts from industry, academia and government will reflect on their experience so explain their thoughts on the future of social data science.

    Sign up here.

  • Guest Lecture: Dr Ceren Budak
    Tuesday 27 September, 12:00 - 13:00 in Fawcett House FAW.9.04

    We are proud to welcome cutting edge computational social scientist Dr Ceren Budak from the University of Michigan to share how she uses large scale data analysis techniques to study problems with social, political, and policy implications.

    Sign up here.

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