Digital societies, digital misinformation and social media

The DSI aims to host, facilitate and promote research in social and economic data science

Data from our social existence are generated, gathered and tracked like never before.

Trends towards digitisation have been sharply accelerated by the pandemic, changing the way we live in the twenty-first century.

Our research looks at how this social data is changing how people interact with friends, businesses, employers, politics and democracy.

This page is currently under development as the DSI expands its range of activities. Contributions to DSI research are being actively sought. Please get in contact in order to become involved.

Current DSI activity


DSI Staff


Professor Ken Benoit

Professor of Computational Social Science

DSI Affiliates


Dr Siân Brooke

LSE Fellow in Computational Social Science / Leverhulme ECR Fellowship - Department of Methodology

Women in data science and AI (2021)


Dr Florian Foos

Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour


Dr Joshua Loftus

Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics

I am interested in statistical and mathematical theory to support applications in the regulation, explanation, and control of machine learning and AI systems, especially in order to reduce social or environmental harms of the proliferation of such systems.

Disaggregated Interventions to Reduce Inequality (2021)

B Miller

Dr Blake Miller

Assistant Professor - Department of Methodology


Dr Mathias Poertner

Assistant Professor in Political Science - Department of Government 

My recent data science related publications in the area of political behavior and comparative politics have drawn on design-based and model-based research.

Metaketa V: Women's Political Participation in Hybrid Regimes (2019-)

A Powell

Dr Alison Powell

Associate Professor - Department of Media and Communications 

JUST AI Network (2022)


Milena Tsvetkova

Assistant Professor of Computational Social Science - Department of Methodology

I study human behaviour and social interactions with online experiments and digital trace data.

I am currently working on a new method to estimate individual socio-economic status of social media users from the accounts they follow and cultural interests they express.

DSI Visiting Staff

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Related LSE research

The strong research community at the London School of Economics also takes an interest in this research theme. As the cornerstone of data science at LSE, the DSI acts as a nexus for research and learning, working alongside other Departments and Institutes across the School.

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