Building Data Science Collaborations between the UK and Brazil

Our upcoming workshop will connect researchers who have not collaborated before.

We encourage you to apply even if you come from other domains (e.g.: politics, economics, psychology)

Workshop: Building Data Science Collaborations between the UK and Brazil
25 November 2021

Find full details via the Workshop Programme (pdf).

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Building Data Science Collaborations between the UK and Brazil

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  • Computational Social Science
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science Workflows
  • Data Engineering / Cloud engineering

Targeted audience 

Any researchers based in academic institutions in the UK or Brazil with an interest in establishing data science research collaborations.

You do not need to have any current connections or research agreements before joining the workshop and we encourage applications even if you come from other domains and/or do not already use any data science in your current work.

The Workshop

Researchers will be grouped according to their topics of interests and facilitators will conduct structured brainstorming sessions aimed at proposing small research projects.

In a sense, this workshop will also be an experiment. We will run an adapted version of the Lean Inception methodology, a technique used to plan software products, to brainstorm projects adequate to the needs of an academic research environment.

Expected outcomes

1. Connect researchers based in the UK and in Brazil who have not been in a research collaboration before.

2. A document listing the short project proposals written during the workshop. This will be circulated after the event to encourage further collaboration links.

3. Establish research collaborations (UK-BR) to be conducted over the next academic year. 

4. Identify overarching goals and establish plans for collaboration in grant proposals.

5. We will also conduct short surveys 6 and 12 months after the event, to assess the impact of the workshop methodology in enabling new research collaborations, and to collect feedback for future sessions.



Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva (LSE Data Science Institute)

Dr Chico Camargo (University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences)