Dr Siân Brooke

Dr Siân Brooke

LSE Fellow in Computational Social Science

Department of Methodology

Room No
COL 7.07
Office Hours
Fridays 15:00 - 17:00
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Key Expertise
Sociology, Communication, Inequality, Culture, Anonymity, Gender

About me

Siân Brooke is an LSE Fellow in Computational Social Science in the Department of Methodology. She completed her PhD at the University of Oxford in September 2020. Prior to joining LSE, she was a Laboratory Instructor on the Social Data Science program at the Oxford Internet Institute. For more information, see https://sianbrooke.com

Research Interests

Siân’s research interests lie in the intersection of critical research and computational methods. She employs computational linguistics, machine learning, and ethnography to study inequality in online communities.

Her current work investigates gender inequality in the cultures associated with technology. As an interdisciplinary researcher, she combines network analysis with participant observation to understand how gender dictates who can participate in online programming communities.

Expertise Details

Computational social science; Sociology; Communication; Inequality; Culture; Anonymity; Gender


  • Brooke, S. & Véliz, C. (2020) Views on Privacy: A Survey. In Data, Privacy, and the Individual. Center for the Governance of Change.
  • Brooke, S. (2019). “There are no girls on the Internet”: Gender performances in Advice Animal memes. First Monday, 24 (10).
  • Brooke, S. (2019, August). “Condescending, Rude, Assholes”: Framing gender and hostility on Stack Overflow. In Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Abusive Language Online (pp. 172-180)
  • Brooke, S. (2018). Breaking gender code: hackathons, gender, and the social dynamics of competitive creation. In Conference on human factors in computing systems (pp. 1-6).