Urban Age Debates Cities in the 2020s

Series Newspaper

This publication draws together material generated by the Urban Age Debates. The initiative was structured around a series of five live virtual events held between January 2021 and January 2022, complemented by interviews with key urban actors, new data on city dynamics and surveys on how we may live, work and move in the post-2020 city.

The world of the 2020s is continuously adding to the list of questions about the future rather than offering a clear trajectory for positive change. This makes the shaping of our cities a daunting task and demands a new pro-active engagement to create futures rather than trying to predict them. This is the context of the Urban Age Debates. Building on the convening power and global network of the Urban Age Programme, the series contributes to the public discourse in an original and impactful way to inform an era of uncertainty and hopes of a better urban future.

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Publication date
April 2022